Palace of Soviets and Palaces of Culture

Palace of Soviets – A. Prokofiev

Palaces of Culture and Clubs in the USSR – M. Kuznetsov

Two more from the 1939 World’s Fair collection.  The Palace of the Soviets, notionally the tallest building in the world, topped with a statue of Lenin bigger than the Statue of Liberty.  Stalinist gigantism at its best.  Never built, Josef Vissarionovich knocked down a big church to make wat for the palace.  The cover of this book has a very subtle embossed cover.  Quite nice.

There’s a pretty good Wikipedia page on the Palace:


 And for the other palace, a quick survey of club culture in the 1930s USSR.  A great cover with some swish cars and architecture.



One thought on “Palace of Soviets and Palaces of Culture

  1. Hi,
    Im researching about Workers Clubs and Palaces of Culture, that book seems unique and amazing! Is there any way you can share it? It would be of so much help…

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