Collected Khrushchev

Speaking of Mr. K in the last post made me think of the works I have of his in the collection.  Below is a greatest hits collection; the best of Krushchev in my collection:

Disarmament for Durable Peace and Frienship

1960.  Included here for it’s simple and effective design.


   Imperialism – Enemy of the People, Enemy of Peace

1963.  I like the series of books published like the one below, with the official portrait, medals and tie.  There’s a whole bunch of these, but I’ve only included a couple: 


 Improvement of Industial Management in the USSR

1957.  A Soviet News publication, from the UK.  I like the picture, very friendly.


 Let Us Live in Peace and Friendship

1959.  This is a very nice book, but this copy in not in great shape.  It’s missing the dust jacket, which has a very catching design.  It details Mr. K’s visit to the USA.  Lots of photos, including the famous one of Khrushchev and Marylin Monroe.  Lovely cover, with a rocket ship, civil aviation service airplane and the icebreaker Lenin, all things inaugurated under Mr. K. 


 Meeting the Voters

1962.  Not very exciting, but a cool cover.  Published by the USSR Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, where I grew up.


 Our Time Can and Must Become the Time of Peace and Progress

1959.  Another great cover, a mixture of photomontage and trippy 1960’s design.  Another from the Press Office of the USSR Embassy in Ottawa.


 Report to the Nineteenth Party Congress on Amendments to the Rules of CPSU(B)

1952.  Typical Stalinist design, very classical.  For those who don’t know, CPSU(B) stands for the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolshevik)


 The Revolutionary Working-Classand Communist Movement

1963.  Another portrait one, this one came from the Davis Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies Library at Harvard University.  I was visiting a friend there and went to the library a couple of weeks before it moved.  I left their book sale with four carrying bags stuffed full.   


 Vital Questions of the Development of the Socialist World System

1962.  I like this more sombre portrait.  Very thoughtful.



One thought on “Collected Khrushchev

  1. I PASSED UP A COPY OF THE ‘LET US LIVE IN PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP at a second hand book shop – I still dont know why?!! I t was in grubbier condition than the one you got.

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