Alitet goes to the Hills

Tikhon Syomushkin – Alitet goes to the Hills

A long gap between posts, I have been unpacking my library and can now do this with the books in front of me, which is a much nicer process.  This is a lovely novel translated for the Foreign Language Publishing House.  A ‘Siberian’ novel about the indigenous people of the Russia’s north.  Made into a film in 1949, this English edition dates from 1952.  It is designed by Y. Goliakhovsky, and has both black and white illustrations within the text, and full page lithographs as well.

Here is the dust jacket, with aurora borealis in the sky above the dog sled:

alitet goes to the hills jacket

And the inside cover, using a traditional ethnic motif, in deference to Stalin’s ‘national in form, socialist in content’ commandment on the arts.  This cover is embossed, and just lovely.

alitet goes to the hills


One thought on “Alitet goes to the Hills

  1. I have just read Alitet Goes to The Hills. The story is exciting and you get a good insight into the historical situation as the book describes. The author has also written his memoirs from his time in Chukotka. This book I have in Swedish. The drawings of Y.Coliakhovsky is amazing and ethnographic correct. Do you know anything about him

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