Journey Across Three Worlds

Journey Across Three Worlds

A Soviet science-fiction anthology, published by Mir Publishers, typically the science and technical Soviet publisher.  Like many of the Mir books, a lovely, whimsical cover.  Included for your pleasure: A & S Abramov, A & B Strugatsky, E Parnov & M Emtsev, I. Varshavsky, S Gansovsky, K Bulychev and A Lvov.  I could list the titles if you want. let me know.  There’ll be more on Mir’s books soon…

journey across three worlds


2 thoughts on “Journey Across Three Worlds

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this. It brought back fond memories from my school days. I grew up in India, though I live in the US now. I had this book in the 90s, probably bought at a used-book store. Mir publishers was huge in India during the Soviet era and till the mid 90s. I remember using some of their high-school textbooks in preparing for my college entrance exams. I also used to have a subscription to “Misha” as a child – though I used to get the books about 2-3 months late. I had forgotten the title of this book and was looking around till I found your post. One look at the cover, and I knew I had found the book which had kept me hooked on time-travel stories during my boyhood.

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