107 Stories about Chemistry

L. Vlasov, D. Trifonov – 107 Stories about Chemistry

Another of the Mir paperbacks.  These books are translated from a series published by the Young Guard -Molodaia Gvardia- newspaper.  This book, unlike the others, acknowledges the designers A. Kolly and I. Churakov,  though I don’t know if this is for the cover or the illustrations inside the book.  The two fellows on the cover certainly seem happy.

107 stories about chemistry


8 thoughts on “107 Stories about Chemistry

  1. Yes the picture here is indeed the Cover of the book. I do have a copy which my dad purchased about 30-35 years ago. Other popular MIR books at that time were Physics for Entertainment – 1 & 2, Figures for Fun etc.

  2. My father also has a copy of this book which was purchased a long time ago… I read almost 3/4th of this book and it is just amazing,,,

  3. I started my career as science master in Punjab (India) in 1974 August. I bought a Punjabi translation of the book under the title RASAYNIK KAHANIYAN. Somehow the book slipped two years back. I searched the net to get the clue. I was astonished to find the original book and downloaded it to read and relish after retiement in 2011 August. This is the best book if want to know the reality and beauty of chemistry in NATURE. 50 stories have been read from the History of science site. The rest yet to come. In the mean time rather today I downloaded full original book. This is memorable book you will not like dissociate from it. Grand THANX to the effort ….done by the publishers and the soviet people now RUSSIAN.

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