The Quiet Sun

N. Pushkov, B. Silkin – The Quiet Sun

More Mir.  1968.  From the inside cover (maybe it rhymes in Russian?) :


How can events 150 million

kilometres away affect us here on earth?

But if you ever have complained

of poor radio reception, if the compass

needle has ever gone

wrong, if you have ever wondered

what has happened to the

weather, the trouble most likely

has to be sought at this great distance.

Blame it all on the sun.

This book is an account

of that great world-wide undertaking-

the international Quiet SunYear-

in which scientists

of over 60 countries participated.

Following the International

Geographical Year, it disclosed

many secrets about our luminary.

Everyone who wants

to learn more about our sun

and how it affects the planet we live on

should read this book.

quiet sun


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