From Pole to Pole

N. Mikhailov – From Pole to Pole

Nikolai Mikhailov was a prolific author of popular geography books in the Soviet Union, I have four or five different titles of his.  This one is about a journey by boat from the Arctic to Antarctica.  Published in 1960.  Photographs by Mikhailov as well.  And translated by Robert Daglish, british defector and author.

One thought on “From Pole to Pole

  1. Someone psted this comment about your collection on a leftist blog in Ireland called Cedar Lounge Revolution —

    ‘Call me a grumpy old man but a collection like that belongs in a library or a museum, not in some eccentric collector’s private study. The purchasing of the cultural wealth of socialism via Ebay, sold by necessity by impoverished citizens of the former Soviet Union and bought on a whim by the vastly wealthier collectors of the West, mirrors absolutely the transfer in economic wealth on a larger scale which occured in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Whether it’s books, posters, photographs, paintings, medals, cameras, motorbikes, cars, anything that is “collectable” for its novelty value has been commodified and traded’

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