I’ve just had some bookplates printed.  Also know as Ex Libris’s.  There are three principle ones, all made to look like old print illustrations from the 1930’s.  Two of these are taken from the 1939 World’s Fair collection of little books; there’s a sub category of these that you can link to on the right.  The other one, of the Mukhina monument, is from a Progress Publishers bookmark that I found in a book once.  I think they’re dandy, and will  start pasting soon.


2 thoughts on “Bookplates!

  1. Hey, I wanted to ask why there are these letters? PGD? I was searching for a exlibris for my boyfriend and I couldnt believe my eyes. These are his initials but I don;t want it to be any kind of snag…as I’m from Poland and sometimes soviet nexus might not be a good idea. That’s why if you can anwser I would be extreamly grateful:) Cheers

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