I Walk in Space

Cosmonaut-hero A. Leonov – I Walk in Space

A children’s book illustrated by the man who made the first space walk, Leonov’s paintings aren’t masterpieces, but nonetheless make a wonderful book.  From 1980, Malysh Publishers, a Soviet children’s imprint.

And here is the what has to be the best marginalia I’ve found in any of my books:

Wherever you are Sherina Tatum, I hope Matt is with you still


16 thoughts on “I Walk in Space

  1. Hi,

    This is a wonderful blog. As a kid, I have happy memories of my dad buying me imported Soviet Books at the local bookfair at Cuttack, Orissa (India).

    26 years later I found my favorite one – it features a kid called Kirusa in a book published by Progress Publishers Moscow in an old cupboard. It is not in good condition sadly but I found my own 2 decade old scribblings on them.

    It is sad that I can rarely find any old Soviet Publications anymore.

    Anyhow, keep up the great work.

    Best Wishes,


    1. The Soviet presses published in many languages, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc., as well as English. It was along the lines of a public relations exercise.

  2. There were plenty of Progress Publishers’ children’s books available when I was a kid growing up in the 1970s in Mumbai (India). The books used to be very cheap but with high-quality binding and beautiful illustrations.
    My dad used to buy them for me since I was a voracious reader. The animal stories all had characters named Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, Brer Bear, etc. The fairy tales would invariably feature Baba Yaga the witch who ate children. Many of the stories portrayed the Tsar as the evil character. The girls were mostly named Masha and the boys Sasha. Uncle Lenin would play with the children and tell them stories.
    The English translation in all the books was uniformly excellent.

  3. I have long been longing fr these gr8 books of Mir, Progress, n Raduga publishers. Kindly e.mail me if any link to the source is available online. Thanks.

  4. Hi I have a collection of soviet illustrated children’s
    books. About 60 items mostly 20s and 30s are you interested in
    aquiring them? There is also an extensive collection of silver age
    literature. They were offered at Sothebys 28.11. in The Music,
    Manuscript Continental and Russian books auction. Contact me via
    Charlotte Miller. Best Natalia PS great collection!

  5. Well done. Really wonderful work. Can you share the whole book in PDF format. atleast some books – which we really require. We, are sharing our time with children – kindling them to read books. V.Dhandapani. ADAIYAALAM.

  6. Where are the link? I have some good mir books,love to read them again and again.I think writing style of mir books is best populous to everyone even for those who are not from any science backgrounds.once in my childhood i visited our Nabadwip (India) book fair,and i sold a book “physics for entertainment”at that time i don’t even know how good it was.but after reading few pages I was very much surprised,&becomes a mir fan.In other word mir books meets all the criteria that a new learner needs.

  7. I was actually hoping to download the books since they are in puclic domain because they were published by the soviet government. Do you have any plans sharing those beautiful books you have?

    1. Sorry, scanning the books would damage them. I am a book collector and collect the objects as well as the content.

      1. hi, a digital scanning software and android phone can do the work. if you want i can post you a sample work.

  8. Most of us grew up on a diet of Russian books in the late 70’s and 80’s in India – they were inexpensive and had the most amazing illustrations. Many books were translated into the regional languages of India as well. You can still find a few in second hand book stores, though this is getting rarer as time passes. Mention Russian books to a 30-something in India and you will get a BIG grin. Your blog is a real treasure!

  9. Philip, I found your blog this morning, after opening a box filled with my old Soviet children’s books — Ukranian and Byelorussian folk tales, Dunno’s adventures, books by tolstoy and chekhov and nosov (most of which I had forgotten about) etc. Most with STUNNING illustrations. All these books (some 40 or 50 of them) were bought in Mumbai in the early ’90s. These books were what I grew up on. It’s very sad that they aren’t in print any longer.

    After going through your blog (and all the comments above), I had to share. Reading your blog is a pleasure.

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