Traitors on Trial

Traitors on Trial, or The Complete Verbatim Report in the Case of THE ANTI-SOVIET BLOC OF RIGHTS AND TROTSKYITES

This is the transcript of the trial of Nikolai Bukharin (Politburo member 1924 to 29, Central Committee member 1917 to 37, chairman of Comintern 1926 to 29 and an editor of Pravda), Alexey Rykov  (head of the Soviet state 1924 to 30), Ghenrik Yagoda (head of the NKVD 1924 to 36) et al.  A real Stalinist housecleaning.  This book is published by the People’s Commissariat of Justice of the USSR in 1938.  The American distributor added this dustjacket with a jazzy new title.

The title on the boards is much more Soviet-formal, with less wavy lines.  It’s kind of beautiful:


One thought on “Traitors on Trial

  1. The book is extremely interesting! Historically it is tied to Stalin’s Great Purge of 1936-1938. The book details proceedings of the show trials in March 1938 when Stalin liquidated (killed) the last vestiges of Old Bolsheviks. One ironic note is the man G.G. Yagoda, named on the title page below the ‘IN RE”. This was Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda head of the Soviet secret police (NKVD). It was he who carried out the first killings in 1936 which culminated in his own prosecution covered in this book.

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