Joseph Stalin – A Short Biography

Joseph Stalin – A Short Biography

An English translation of a biography prepared by the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute, Moscow, in 1947.  This translation is from 1949, published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House.  A very good example of the ‘cult’ era of Stalinalia.  Lots of very airbrushed pictures.

From the last page:

In the lore and art of the people, Stalin’s name is ever linked with Lenin’s.  “We go with Stalin as with Lenin, we talk to Stalin as to Lenin; he knows all our innermost thoughts; all his life he has cared for us,” runs one of the many exquisite Russian folk tales of today.

With the name of Stalin, all progressive men and women, all the freedom-loving democratic peoples associate their hope for lasting peace and security.


One thought on “Joseph Stalin – A Short Biography

  1. Stalin followed Lenin in construction of Soviet socialism in the USSR. anything said against Stalin is pure defamation by the enemies of Socialism. Just listen to the people: they still bear his image in the streets at demonstrations, even without fear and compulsion- this is adoration. Stalin saved them from the German agent – Trotsky – from the Austrian butcher – Hitler. He lead the transformation of Russia from absolute backwardness to a world power that made the “civilized” nations quake, not from military aggression, but speed of development. He was betrayed by Beria and Co. But his legacy lives on in the people of Russia.

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