Collected Stalin

J. V. Stalin – Collected Works

An integral part of my collection of Soviet books, the 13 volume Collected Works of the Kremlin Mountaineer, Father of the Peoples, the Leader of All Progressive Humanity.  What?  Only 13 volumes?  Yes, they stopped publishing them at the time of the secret speech.  I had an incomplete collection for a long time, missing Volume 11.  Finally I found a complete set, along with the shipping boxes.  Books like these were sold by subscription, and a couple of volumes would be mailed to you every year, as the publishers produced them.  These boxes, blank except for the stamped ‘spines’ are in rough shape, as they were not built to last.


One thought on “Collected Stalin

  1. Volume 1. I have a copy but it is missing the photo. Would love to see an image of the missing photo. Mine was acquired in Beijing in 1987 from a Chicago teacher that bought it in Lhasa, Tibet. It has crossed the globe. If only it could tell its tale……

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