Pictures of my Collection

Maybe this isn’t so interesting.  A friend asked to see what the books on the shelves look like, well here it is:

On top of the shelf here is the collected Marx + Engles.

On top here is the collected Lenin.

This shelf is mostly pamphlets.


8 thoughts on “Pictures of my Collection

  1. nice. bookmarking for future reference. I found soviet books on science and maths for children were best – written lucidly and very easy to understand. BTW, if you don’t mind, the theme is good but too dark – reading at times is really difficult.
    2. do you have an RSS feed?

    1. Thanks for the nice words. I prefer the children’s technical books, like ‘An A-Z of Cosmonautics’, to the children’s fairy-tale sort. Sorry, no feed.

  2. Hi,
    Saw your great blog. I am from India, where we had a constant feed of the Soviet books. I have made a small effort to catalog the technical books and popular science books of the Soviet era, you can see my effort here:

    I have lot of books to upload on the blog though. So far I have made entries about Science for Everyone, which is a translation of some of the volumes of the Kvant journal, Little Mathematics Library which is a translation of the Russian PLM, and a small 4 volume series by title Physics for Everyone. I happen to have ~ 350 books from that era. Some of them were translated in Indian languages as well.
    Will be putting up information about them as the time permits!

    Hope to keep in touch with you!


  3. just thinking , how good would a “WE COLLECT SOVIET BOOKS” blogsite be where people from around the world could upload their titles to the one site?

  4. Hello) I am getting truly desperate in my attempts to find out if there have been any later English translations/publications of Marshal Zhukov’s Memoirs: Reminiscences and reflections. I knwo the latest Russian edition is dated 1992. I want to buy the book – ebay, all checked – can you recommend or share some ideas with me PLEASE???? Thank you in advance!

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