Notes from a Dead House

F. Dostoyevsky – Notes from a Dead House

I have been away from this blog for a long time, and I apologize.  I have more time for it now, and plan to post more.

Some of the nicest-looking books in my collection are Russian ‘classics’ translated and published in high quality editions for export.  Like this one.  A great dust jacket, and the cover, I don’t know if you can see the embossed illustration of an old picket fence, but it’s there.  This one is from the Foreign Language Publishing House, from their Classics of Russian Literature series.  No date.  Designed (very, very well) by M. Klyachko.

This site, had the following bio of Klyackko:

Mark Klyachko received artistic training at the Moscow Art Institute named after VI Surikov. Already Thesis Klyachko, a series of book illustrations for «early stories» Maxim Gorky was appreciated, the work was acquired by the museum Gorky in Moscow. In the first half of 1950 the artist became one of the masters of the book charts. Klyachko famous works were illustrations of the novel «The Old Man and the Sea» Ernest Hemingway, a series of illustrations for the novel by Luigi Pirandello, the artist created in 1959, was acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery. Since 1960, Mark Klyachko constantly worked in the publishing house «The Soviet writer»; there he executed works of Isaac Babel, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Valentin Kataev, Baklanova Gregory, Nicholas Glazkova, Bulat Okudzhava, and other authors.


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