Our Country

A. Stetsky, S. Ingulov, N. Baransky eds. – Our County

1937, High Stalinism.  From the Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR.  Lovely embossed cover, with a map of the USSR covered by a hammer and sickle.  It opens:

Spacious and mighty is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Its territory is immense, its wealth immeasurable and creative energy of its people unfailing.  Great and inexhaustable is its economic power and military strength.

Like an indestructible rock, our glorious country, the land where socialism reigns victorious, towers above the surrounding capitalist world.   We, the fortunate citizens of the Soviet Union, are filled with joy and pride in our native country, where there is no class yoke. no national exploitation, and no exploitation of man by man. 

and so on.  It ends with a song:

“And we who have conquered, we sing it proudly,

The Stalinist epoch we honour as one –

We sing of our new life so happy and splendid,

We sing of our victories won.

From border to border, o’er valley and mountain,

Where loudly the aeroplane’s swift motor roars,

Of Stalin the wise, the dearly beloved,

The song of our people triumphantly soars.”


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