Theories of “Regulated Capitalism”

I.G. Blyumin, ed. – Theories of “Regulated Capitalism”

By now it must be clear that I am a big fan of the hand-lettering on many of these Soviet books, especially the earlier ones.  Here is one with what I think is an exceptional example of hand lettering and 1960s Soviet graphic design.  A slim collection of three articles by Soviet economists on France, Britain and the USA.  Published by the Foreign Language Publishing House, no date.


2 thoughts on “Theories of “Regulated Capitalism”

  1. I wonder if that lettering was a United States-made design on the cover verses a Soviet-made design done in English? I say this because it looks very ‘American’ 1950s, early 60s in its execution.

  2. yep I agree it’s got that timestamp to it. Glad this interesting blog is been updated. any chance you could .pdf some of the smaller pamphlets that arent available on the web?

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