USSR in Construction, No. 7, 1935

Watches, Bicycles and Gramaphones

I have just added a number of issues of USSR in Construction to my collection.  This is very exciting, because they are beautiful and as well as rare on the ground.  Famous as a hideout for avant-garde artists sidelined by the Stalinist establishment, USSR in Construction wre designed and featured photomontages by Lissitsky, Rodchenko and the like.  Here is the best description of the magazine that google could give me.  Here is what wikipedia says.

I’ll be posting images from them over the next little while. Sorry, the images are not great; I’ve taken them with my phone.

The July 1935 issue is about Watches, Bicycles and Gramaphones.  The cover is fairly plain, which was pretty typical of the magazine:

This clock is part of the Moscow offices of Pravda, a famous avant-garde building.


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