USSR in Construction, No 8, 1935

The Moscow Metro

From the eighteenth year of the revolution, or 1935 to you and me, the opening of the extraordinary, amazing Moscow Metro.  The cover done up in faux marble, to evoke the materials of the Metro.

Krushchev and Bulganin top left!  On the top right, the fellow with the white hair, moustache and party tunic, that’s G. Abakumov, who in the late forties and early fifties succeeded L. Beria as head of MGB [CHEKA, NKVD, KGB …the secret police].  There are not many photos of this not-so-famous mass murderer.

Again top left, that young scamp N.S. Krushchev.


2 thoughts on “USSR in Construction, No 8, 1935

  1. Can you help? I’m researching FLPH in early 1960s and hope you can help. 1) Was their mailing house/USA HQ in Chicago? 2) Would it have been common then to order such books in the USA by mail order? 3) Was NK’s ‘Socialism & Communism’ which you list published by them? In 1963? Any idea which month? 4) Would these books originally have appeared in paperback? 5) If copies were despatched as ‘review’ copies – what would this have meant – that the book was an early published copy OR that it was an early print run sent to an American in order for them to check it for translation? Thanks!

    1. All I know for sure is “Socialism and Communism’ was indeed published in 1963. I don’t really know who else to ask. Sorry for such a meager reply.

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