USSR in Construction, No 1, 1935

The ‘Maxim Gorki’ Agitational Air Squadron

I read somewhere that this issue of the magazine shipped with some kind of aluminum decoration, I’m unclear on what that means, but there’s no aluminum with my copy.  Regardless this is a great cover, very graphic.

A nice cut-away diagram.

In the centre is People’s Commissar of Defense Kliment Voroshilov, old friend of Stalin’s, looking very sour in this photo.  What’s wrong Klim?

This is a 4 page fold out.  It’s huge.  It’s just extraordinary.  It is loose and unstapled from the rest of the copy so I think I’ll be framing this one.  Sorry for the half-assed photo stitch.


One thought on “USSR in Construction, No 1, 1935

  1. The aluminium copy was a special edition for the Russian market, a ‘deluxe’ version. The copy is said to be in an aluminium cover with the picture of the plane but no other text. So it must have looked pretty amazing.

    (You can read more about this from an academician Erika Wolf)

    I’m writing my dissertation on USSR in Construction now and your blog is proving very helpful!! Thank you!!

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