USSR in Constuction, No 2, 1935

Greetings from the Kuzbass!

To break up the usual order of things, let’s look at the credits for this issue first.  Will Junior, a very knowledgeable reader of this blog did a little research into AmKniga, later renamed BooKniga, which you will notice is the distributor of USSR in Construction for both South and North America.  Their office was on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Will Junior found this article on the arrest and prosecution of three Bookniga ‘officials’.  He adds:

[T]his firm was shut-down by the US government and its office management arrested in 1941.  The government claimed they had been running a ‘syndicate’ and had failed to register things.  The underlining reason was the government had the firm’s leadership convicted for their, ‘spreading Communist information’.   See the attached TIFF from a New York newspaper on the conviction.  Note they got $100,000 bail EACH that was ordered by the court!  Ouch!

The clipping comes from the Poughkeepsie, NY “New Yorker” from July 2, 1941

Back to the usual order of things… and now: the cover

A very unconventional photo of com. V.M. Molotov giving a speech.  Wacky photos like this one didn’t last long, especially of the leadership.


3 thoughts on “USSR in Constuction, No 2, 1935

  1. Also, if you know what happened to Rush, Liskin and Wienberg – please, share, I will quote you… 🙂

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