USSR in Construction, No 3-4, 1935

The Far Eastern Region

Similar to the 1938 issue for May and June, 5-6, posted here.  Featuring some of the same themes.  This issue, however, has a long photo essay on Birobijan.

Birobijan is part of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, established by Stalin in 1934, to give Jews from the former Pale of Settlement the opportunity to leave the ghetto and work the land.  The land in question was on the other side of the world, on the border with China.

The construction of Komsomolsk began in 1932.  A proud young communist posing here.

Here is a scan of a pamphlet that looks suspiciously like the ones made for the 1939 World’s Fair, recently written about here.  It extols the socialist glory of the creating of a Jewish homeland in Siberia.

Here is someone’s short history of the Birobijan project.  Be warned, googling Birobijan you will get any number of racist, angry Islamist texts on the place.

Here is Marshall Blyukher again, he of the disappearing act, looking very jolly indeed.


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