USSR in Construction, No 5, 1934

The Moscow and Leningrad Meat Packing Plants

This issue of the magazine combines a number of Stalinist themes.  It is a celebration of the soon to be built meat-packing facilities in Moscow and Leningrad.  The magazine has many architectural drawings of the plants, and photos from other, lesser but existing meat packing plants.  The celebration of the soon-to-be is a theme of Stalinist culture, and can sometimes backfire, providing us with an ironic thrill, like in the case of the Palace of the Soviets.

L. Kaganovich and A. Mikoyan here.  Mikoyan, of course, the wizard of the Soviet food industry.  Below is one of the drawings for the plant.

Another Stalinist theme visible in this issue is the celebration of Fordism, the rationalization of production through assembly lines and mechanization.  The Soviet designers of these plants visited the meat plants of Chicago, taking the best the ‘American Method’ had to offer.

And here’s more sausage porn.  Stalinist abundance.

Constructivist canteen architecture.  Very nice.


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