USSR in Construction, No 6, 1934

Dedicated to Soviet Science

This is a groovy one.  And excitingly designed by El Lissitsky!

The inside cover features this list of German scientists repressed by the Nazi state.  Soviet culture from this period seems in retrospect, and for the most part, crass and cynical.  Particularly so when we look at the Stalin cult.  But then they did principled, prescient things like this.

This image of the high altitude balloon is part of a half-page insert.  Very cool.

Could there be an issue dealing with Soviet Science without T.D. Lysenko?  No, of course not.  Here he is, on the bottom, under his rival, N.I. Valvilov.

I’m a sucker for architectural drawing, especially for unbuilt Soviet super-projcets, such as the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine.

This is a great photo.

Notice here the credits are ‘Es and El Lissitsky’.  I do believe this indicated that El Lissitsky collaborated with his wife, Sophie Kuppers, on this issue.  Lissitsky’s very clever trick with his ‘art name’ El (he was born with the first name Lazar; El sounds like his initial, you might notice this works the same in English) when used on his wife’s name, Sophie, will produce Es.  This is my theory.


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