USSR in Consrtuction No 12, 1949

J.V. Stalin’s 70th Birthday Issue

After USSR in Construction was eclipsed by the Great Patriotic War in 1941, it mad a brief reappearance in 1949.  Here is one issue from that time, the December issue devoted to Stalin’s 70ieth birthday.  This celebration was a big deal across all of eastern Europe, as for many newly minted socialist countries it was a first introduction to the grammar of the personality cult.  In the USSR this was a time to reassert the cult of Stalin over the military triumphalism that followed the hard-won victory over fascism.

Full colour!

Here is a selection of trophies and gifts presented to Stalin by progressive peoples from all over the world.  There was a whole museum dedicated to this sort of thing.  Top right is “Headdress of an Indian Chief – A gift to Stalin from American and Canadian Indian tribes”.  I wonder if he ever wore it.

The magazine is now edited by F. Gladkov, well-known socialist realist author.


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