Soviet Union Magazine

This is the successor publication to USSR in Construction.  They are published from the last known address of the 1949 run of USSR in Construction, 8 Moskvina, Moscow 9.  More or less the same dimensions, these have the full colour covers (obviously) and black and white interiors.  These are no longer printed with the foggy rotogravure of the older magazine, but still have that retouched and improved look of Soviet photography from the ’40s.  Soviet Union was, in its turn, replaced with Soviet Life, which persisted up until 1991.




36 thoughts on “Soviet Union Magazine

  1. This magazine was subscribe in my house and it is still in my sweet chilhood memory. Unfortunately I failed to preserve even a single copy except some pages of a three year calender(1987-88-89).

  2. I was a subscriber to this magazine. And had the last copy with me with my subscription still there. Received a letter indicating that due to unavoidable circumstances they had to discontinue publication. I am most interested to scan some of these magazines.

  3. sir i want subscribe soviet union magazine . please tell me about address of the magazine office

  4. Hello sir
    I liked to read soviet sangh (Hindi) in my teens… I have a bunch of them at home.I really like to subscribe, if the mag zine is available.

    1. I’d like to have a copy, any copy , preferably from 1957. Please tell me how much it would cost.

    1. I’d like to have a copy as a nostalgic memory. Any copy would do. How much is the price please?

      1. 1952 plus 1953 complete, bound in two volumes, for sale. Price € 150 each plus shipping (from Germany).

  5. hi guys, grew up with this magazine along with another “Misha” if i remember correctly… would love to buy available ones as memory. used to collect a lot of pics of fighters n spacecrafts published in them. Wish Russian Govt restart publication of those again (with different name ofcourse, as Soviet union is not there anymore.. all though would love to see the smaller countries rejoin Russian bloc) and will be the first one to subscribe for it … 🙂

    1. My husband recently unpacked a supply of these magazines – we have January 1987, February 1987, April 1987, May 1987, June 1987, July 1987, August 1987, September 1987, October 1987, November 1987, February 1988, April 1988, May 1988, June 1988, July 1988, August 1988, September 1988, October 1988, November 1988, and December 1988. These are all in nice shape, most of them do not look as though they have even been opened. I would love to sell them, I really would rather not put them in recycling.

  6. I have two bound annuals of it for sale – 1953 and 1952. If interested, contact ma at stahlmueller(at)

  7. I want to download this all editions, because i love the images and photos .
    When i was in 3rd class my father is a subscriber to this magazines( he is a teacher.

  8. We run the blog for Bengali Soviet literature archiving… If you ever get into touch of such Bengali Books and Magazines, Please let me know. A scan of the required ones shall be highly appreciated. Wehave already scanned more than 550 books and magazines in Bengali, Though less than 250 is presently released in the blog after processing. So Before proceeding for scan a kind information on the book/magazine would be appreciated. Regards,

  9. My best memory in my life the SOVIET DESH magazine in assamese and bangla , now I am trying to see and touch this magazine once again
    whether it is running please be continued . Thanks

  10. I have also read this magazine in my childhood days. Was very informative. Still I remember a cover page a girl eating water mellon

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