Collected Gorky 2

Collected Gorky, Incomplete, Progress Publishers

This collection, published from 1978 to 1982, is essentially a redesigned version of the Foreign Language Publishing House edition.  Expertly redesigned, I think, by Igor Kravtsov. This series consists of:

  1. Selected Stories
  2. Foma Gordeyev
  3. Mother
  4. Plays
  5. The Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin
  6. Tales of Italy. Childhood
  7. My Apprenticeship. My Universities
  8. The Artamonovs
  9. Literary Portraits
  10. On Literature

And here are the volume I have.

Number 2: Foma Gordeyev

Number 3: Mother

Number 6: Tales of Italy

Number 8: The Artamovs

Number 10: On Literature


2 thoughts on “Collected Gorky 2

  1. Great website and amazing collection of Soviet books. Hats
    off! I have volume IV: Plays of Collected Gorky (Progress
    Publications) series and great to see a full post on this

  2. My father was a great fan of ex-Soviet Union published books. I acquired a great interest in those books and am still enjoy reading many Russian authors. My father’s library was gifted by my brother to a library in the name of late Prof. G.D. Parikh, my Godfather. I do not know where it is located. Please call me and I shall suggest a way for you to investigate further. Mobile: 7208040454

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