Soviet Turkmenistan

P. Kosyrev – Soviet Turkmenistan

A 1956 medium-size celebration of the great Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, now a slightly terrifying petro-tyranny that could teach Stalin himself how to run a cult of personality.  But back in the good old days a land of tankers and buses.   Lovely dustjacket, embossed cover and ethnically-appropriate designs throughout, this book also documents some fine examples of socialist-realist architecture as practiced in the ‘stans.

soviet turkmenistan jacket soviet turkmenistan

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Kirov Street, Krasnovodsk

2013-05-06 14.51.56

Oilmen’s House of Culture, Nebit-Dag

2013-05-06 14.52.51_2

Central Department Store, Ashkhabad

2013-05-06 14.53.58_2


Oguljan Potanova, Isa Orazkuliev and Emshik Orazov, leading Tashauz Region collective farmers, who were among the exhibitors at the USSR Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow


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