The Book of Tasty and Healthy Meals

I don’t usually post my Russian books on this blog, I’ve tried to limit it to my English collection, but here we go:

From 1952,  from Prishchepromisdat Publishers, The Book of Tasty and Healthy Meals, or at least that’s how I translated the title.  Perhaps a reader will correct my translation.  By professor  O. P. Molchanova, professor D. I. Lobanov, M. O. Lifshits, and N P Tsyplenkov.  A glorious and gilded cookbook, a Stalinist celebration of gastronomic abundance and the peaceful, plentiful domestic bliss of victorious socialism.  We begin with the embossed cover:2013-05-29 17.56.27

The inside cover is a centerfold of the great Soviet domestic banquet.

2013-05-29 17.57.26

My cookbook starts with a quote from the great father of the peoples, Comrade Stalin.  Can you top that, Jamie Oliver?

2013-05-29 17.59.00 2013-05-29 17.59.46

These montages remind me of the work found in USSR in Construction; it’s rare to find photomontage in late Stalinist publications like this one.

2013-05-29 18.00.32

And then we have these extraordinary colour plates.  Enjoy.

2013-05-29 18.01.57 2013-05-29 18.02.51 2013-05-29 18.03.38 2013-05-29 18.04.33 2013-05-29 18.05.34 2013-05-29 18.06.42 2013-05-29 18.07.28


4 thoughts on “The Book of Tasty and Healthy Meals

  1. Dear Sender,

    Sorry I need to have Books in Politics say Doctrine of Marxist and other related articles books of Joseph Stalin, Leader Lenin etc. Thanks.



  2. It looks like a ‘wonderfully staged’ array of Soviet food brought to the people by NarKomPischeProm [People’s Commissariat of Food Industry] or known as NKPP. This entity controlled state orders to produce quantities of goods. The entity was administered by governmental officials (headed for a time in the 1930s by Anastas Mikoyan) who were defining what citizens could eat, drink, wear and smoke.

  3. If you dislike the Soviet Union and socialism so much, why collect all those Soviet books?
    There is a large amount of Western anti-soviet literature that is more in line with your political views. I’m sure some of it has nice cover art too…

  4. The 1952 (First) edition is a real beauty and rarity!Subsequent editions followed: 1953-1955, 1961, 1963 and 1964 (a revised and supplemented edition). This edition prefaced by an anonimous author or a group of authors, citing V.I. Lenin´s “Works”, vol.29, p.396 and “The Materials of XXII Congress of CPSU. Moscow, 1961. Stalin became non-person by that time.The book was printed in two runs: 400 000 copies and supplemented run of 500 000 copies… but

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