Outer Space or Bust

Gennadi Chernenko – Outer Space or Bust

A children’s book with a lot of text and many, many fine illustrations.  No date on the book, but it has an ISBN (5050017122) so it is likely from the 1980’s.  Some nice illustrations of Gagarin and Korolev, as well as many fanciful visions of the future of Soviet space flight.

2013-06-11 08.21.01

2013-06-11 08.21.51

2013-06-11 08.26.46

2013-06-11 08.23.06

2013-06-11 08.25.03 2013-06-11 08.25.53   2013-06-11 08.27.54


2 thoughts on “Outer Space or Bust

  1. Hi; I have abig collection Soviet Union ( french text ) from the early 50-ties (1951-1952 etc in good condition

    If any interest, let me know kind regards piet de boer

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