This poor, silent, neglected blog

Not much has happened here this last year, I’m sorry to report.  The collection is getting packed up and moved to a new home.  Come the new year and the unboxing of the books there will be more content.  Sit tight and be patient, this site will live again soon.


8 thoughts on “This poor, silent, neglected blog

  1. Nice blog! I sometimes drop by the bookstore on Commercial Drive whenever I am in Vancouver. I’ve always been an admirer of both Russian and Soviet literature and wondered about a series of books that seem to have gone done the rabbit hole. I mean “A History of World Literature” (~ 1985 for the first volume) in 9 volumes. Have you seen or heard of this set of books? Yuri Vipper, who reviewed the series in “Social Science”, volume XVI, no. 1, 1985, noted that volume one had recently been published. Any information, even if only to note that the set is only available in Russian, or that only volume one is available, would be helpful. Best wishes.

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