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My name is Philip Dion, I live in Vancouver, Canada, and yes, I collect Soviet Books.  Books published in the Soviet Union in English for export to the English speaking world.  I’ve been doing so for about ten years, and now have a collection I am proud to share with anyone who is interested enough to type ‘Soviet Books’ into the Google.  I started out stalking the shelves of thrift stores and neglected used book stores in any city I might visit.  Lately I’ve graduated to having booksellers buy collections for me knowing that I’ll buy them, and the occasional mass buy on Abebooks or Ebay.

Soviet books have a particular look that I have developed an instinct for, and I’m able to spot them on a crowded shelf of Sally Ann flotsam.  Some of these books have extraordinary cover designs, and a selection of these can be seen in the ‘design’ section of this blog.

My biggest triumph so far in this endeavour was completing my collection of Stalin’s Collected Works with original shipping boxes (number 11 is very hard to come by).

Another is the History of the Civil War int the USSR published by The Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR, a large album that is memorable for the replica armband pasted in.

Here is a gallery of all scanned and photographed covers and dustjackets of my books.

I’m always on the lookout to add to my collection.  If you have any Soviet books that I don’t have in  my collection I’d like to know about them.  Please leave me a comment and we’ll talk.

Here are the Soviet publishers that published in English, these make up he bulk of my collection:


The Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the USSR, Moscow

These guys published books in smaller print runs early on in the history of the Soviet Union.  The editions are usually well made, with illustrations and nicely bound.  Some of the earlier books have a constuctivist aesthetic.


Foreign Language Publishing House, Moscow

The FLPH published was created to centralize all works bound for non  Soviet readers.  They published in all subjects, but specialized in politics and literature.  These editions are usually nicely bound and illustrated, often with eye-catching full colour dust jackets.


Progress Publishers, Moscow

The FLPH became Progress sometime in the 1960s.  Their logo has the Sputnik satellite on one side, which is very cool.  On the other is the Russian letter ∏, for Progress.


Raduga, Moscow

In the 1970s or 80s Progress gave up publishing literature to Raduga.  These books, too, are not of good quality.   Raduga published many of the classics of Russian Literature, and few contemporary novels.   Many children’s books were published under the Raduga imprint.


Mir Publishers, Moscow

At the same time Raduga took over literature publishing from Progress, so too did Mir take on the sciences.  Mir published technical and scientific titles, as well as children’s science books, like the ‘A to Z of Cosmonautics’, a favorite of mine.


Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow

Novosti published mainly pamphlets and small soft cover booklets.  The material for these came mainly from Soviet journalists.


As well, Aurora Publishers, Leningrad, published Soviet art books, both contemporary and historical.  They did not have a groovy symbol I could post here.


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  1. hi Philip,
    I am really enjoying your blog about Soviet books in English. I have several dozen myself, many from my teenage years in the early 1970s when I was quite fascinated with the USSR and the East bloc countries. I’ll definitely be following your updates. I have a few questions for you if you’d care to write me at *****@gmail.com – I hope you will. thanks much. Tony

    1. Welcome to the family! I am looking for books in English printed in Russia prior to 1925, especially XIX century publications. Kindly keep me in mind. Books printed in 1918 through 1925 are of special interest.

  2. Hello. I have just acquired a large collection of Soviet literature – mostly propaganda pamphlets and booklets from the 30s – 60s. I was going to sell them on Ebay but ran into your website while doing research on some of the titles. Let me know if you are interested in the details. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I too collect soviet books. Most of my collection is in my Indian language “Tamil”.Very impressive collection you have. They are very hard to come by these days after 20 years. Why none of the images in your website are visible. Lot of broken links. Please can you fix it and very interested in looking at the pictures.

      1. Viv,

        I used have a large collection. Even now I must have some at my folk’s home back in Chennai. I am interested in collecting PDFs/ePub versions of these works. Let me know if you have found a source.

        Last time I was in Chennai, I checked with New Century Publishers/Book Store in Mount Road. They asked me to go their warehouse to look for some of these books. It’s unfortunate collapse of Soviet Union meant collapse of even cultural exchange (no doubt part of the Soviet propaganda) …

        You can reach me at vyas.bharghava at gmail.com.

      2. Hai Viv, This is senthilnathan from chennai. I too interested in Russain Tamil Books. But I read such books at my childhood at the library. If you have any softcopy can you forward to me. How can i contact you. My Email Id is

      3. i too search links to download russian literatures’ tamil translations. if you know please send me.

      4. Hi,
        I had a book from new century book house in chennai along with mir publications “folk tales from soviet union” in tamil. Unfortunately i lost it. anyone knows if it is available as ebook anywhere

      5. Dear friend
        Do you have the kulanthikalum kuttikalum
        Soviet tamil books.
        I want to read book. The book was impressed
        Me when I was small boy.

      6. Hi Viv, I’m not sure you will get this message,because, I reply after 5 years. Do you still keeo the Soviet Union tamil books. I was a fan of that Mag. I want those to show to my kids. Just a scan will do. Please reply gtn060678@gmail.com

      7. pls can you get me a copy of

        The Adventures of Tolya Klyukvin and Other Stories
        by Nikolay Nosov in tamil translation…. it was named ‘vilayattu siruvargal’

    2. Hi Julia,
      My name is Kunwar Dheer Singh. I am from Rajasthan (India). I am always very keen to read soviet books from foreign language publishing house and progress publishers. As you have mentioned here about your collection, I would like to know more about it either you have any of my interest.
      K.Dheer Singh

      1. sir,
        i’m nikhil saji from kerala(india).i’m very happy to see this site.my hobby is reading mainly marxist related books.i’m interested to buy soviet printed political books(english).
        Please contact me,mail:nikysaji@gmail.com,8086649191.

  3. Hello,

    You have an excellent collection. I have the collected works of J V Stalin – in 13 volumes. Do you know if any more volumes were produced after the 13th volume.

    Also, did they ever have just jackets?

    I am looking for a set of Lenin’s collected works – Lawrence and Wishart. If you know of anyone selling a set can you let me know./ Regards, Gordon

    1. Hello,
      I have never seen dust jackets for Stalin´s thirteen volume Collected works in my long career as a librararian and book dealer.

      Valery Kulakov

  4. Hell,
    I also have a good collection of soviet books ,mostly fiction from Russian classical to soviet era masterpieces. I have a special liking for Russian/Soviet literature and I can spot them in heap of books . Mostly I buy these books from old book stalls. I am looking for GORKY’s KLIM SAMGIN.

    1. hi i am looking for a math book titled ( solving problems in algebra and trigonometry )by litvenenko and mordkovich .can you help me .

  5. Hi,

    This is Nitin Ethan Gowda from Bangalore, India. I am sourcing for Lenin’s biography published by progess publications. I dont know the exact title of the aforesaid book, the very same book had been published by progress publishers in kannada(oine of the regional language of India) and many other languages but i need it in English. could you pla let me know whether its available with you.

      1. hi i am looking for a math book titled ( solving problems in algebra and trigonometry )by litvenenko and mordkovich .can you help me .

    1. Hi Nitin

      I am visiting Banglore this month (3rd week) for soviet book hunting, please call me on 09892242767 if you wanna join



  6. Hello from Australia

    I have a small collection , maybe I’ll scan up some like you have done. Those Zhukov day-glo covers are terrible – waht were the designers thinking?

    Nice collection.

  7. Hello Philip,
    My name is Brian and I have a book that you might be interested in obtaining. I didn’t see it on your site so just thought I would post. It is: “The Red Army and Navy” handbook that the USSR sold at the 1939 U.S. World’s fair. If you would like to make me an offer just email me and we can talk. From what I have found online, it is a very rare book and I really don’t want to get rid of this piece of World History, but for the right price I might let it go. You can contact me via email that I have provided and I will reply as soon as I can.

    1. I just saw this book as part of a museum showing at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. The show is called Constructing Utopia : Books and Posters from Revolutionary Russia (1910-1940). At the same time…there is a huge show of Chagall and the Russian Avante-Garde. Both exhibits are fantastic…and the book looks wonderful too.

  8. hi

    I’ve found a nice clean copy of dostoevsky’s “poor folk” full colour dust jacket, couple of nice woodblock style prints inside. From
    foreign languages publishing house.

    any interest?


    Jeremy Biggin, London UK

  9. Hey,

    I am really pleased that I found this site. I also collect Soviet books, along with all communist publications from other socialist and former socialist countries. My most prized part of my collection is the Collected Works of Lenin. I also have the selected works of Stalin.


  10. I was able to get a hold of Progress publications “How steel was temepered” Как закалялась сталь recently. I can upload the cover pic

  11. I’ve been looking for a book called “When Daddy was a little boy” by Alexander Raskin since the past 2 years. If anyone can help me out, please do let me know. Thanks!

    1. I didnt know this book was so famous…..Other day i found a copy of this book in my collection which I dunno arrived from where ! ha!!

  12. Hello,
    I ve got a good collection of these books, Lenins biography, Dr. Zhivago, Das Kapital(five to six books), Fundamental of Dialectics by Ua kharin, Marxist Economics to name a few.
    Anybody who is interested can contact me at tariqeco@gmail.com

  13. Hello,

    I have a Soviet book that I’m considering listing on eBay or selling in a local auction. It’s called ‘The Soviet Worker’ and is a book of photographs by Alexander Rodchenko. It was published in Russia in 1939 for the US 1939 Worlds Fair. It has the letters USSR on the cover and they are separated by smokestacks. I’ve seen a couple for sale in the range of $800-1200 but there seem to be very few of these around. If anyone is interested in buying this from me directly, please let me know.


      1. hi i am looking for a math book titled ( solving problems in algebra and trigonometry )by litvenenko and mordkovich .can you help me .

    1. Hello, I leave in Lithuania and have about 280 Russian language Mostly Soviet propaganda books from the 30’s to the 90’s, some are in Lithuanian, Hebrew, etc. I collect mostly books with lots of photos, I have some duplicates and might be will the sell the whole lot for the right price? Shipping will be expensive due to their very heavy weight. Thanks, Doug

  14. hi thr again

    I just got a biography of Stalin pub by progress date 1957. its pretty old but intact and in good condition. do u have this book?

      1. well..its kinda brown.. and i guess thecovers somekinda buckram..its a small book.. but very attractive.. and guess what i got 2 of em for like $0.5/-!

  15. i had to chk the books wid me they are way back at my native place and im based in new delhi right now. Please give me some time to check

  16. Anybody has “Farewell Gulsari” by Chengis Aitmatov? I think the publisher is Raduga . I have this book in my language Tamil. I recently bought his other book “The Day lasts for more than a hundred years”

    1. Hi Vivek,
      Do you know (or have) the children’s books of Raduga (80’s) with you..i lost them somewhere and dont remember the names. Those are children’s comics of fairy tales…If you have them please let me know.
      Thanks a lot,

      1. Hi Shri

        Check with New century book house mount road. I bought few children’s books @ Chennai book fair from their stall.


    2. Hi Vivek

      “Farewell Gulsari” by Chengis Aitmatov is republished by New Century book house. I bought it in the Chennai book fair. The y have also published many old ‘Raduga’ publication books. When I spoke to the editor. He mentnioned that he could republish if people can lend their old copies of Raduga publications tamil translations.


  17. I have 2 booklets on Aeroflot Airlines and International Airports of the USSR plus Moscow News anniversary issue of 50 years of USSR (1922-1972) which I am selling thru ebay.

    Anybody interested please pay a visit on ebay.com

    My uncle an ex-diplomat posted to Moscow has left behind a pile of soviet era books which I am planning to dispose thru ebay.

  18. Great site for soviet enthusiasts…

    Anyone interested in a USSR map to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the USSR (1922-1972), please visit Ebay UK site.

  19. Hello, I have been living in the former Soviet Union since 1996 and began collecting various Soviet Era items as well as Soviet themed books and now have a collection of more than 250 books from the 30’s to the end of the Soviet Union. The vast majority are in the Russian language. I also have 2 copies of “The History of the Civil War int the USSR” with the arm bands. I have the 1939 version and the much rarer 1935 version. I also consider them the more interesting and collectible examples in my collection. I also have sold 2 others in the past, one which was dated 1937. I do have duplicates of some of the books in my collection but not many. I welcome any comments or questions about my collection. I can be contacted at Douglet846@aol.com

  20. hi i am interested in Raduga books.( particularly children’s) but i am not getting thous books in Mumbai (India). in my childhood i use to read all these books. if anyone have these books please contact me.

  21. What a super website! I have recently developed an (unhealthy) obsession for Soviet books after discovering a few old Progress Publishers’ works belonging to my Dad and spotting many unappreciated ones in college library.

    Do you know anything about old issues of ‘Misha’ magazines? I remember borrowing them years ago for summer holiday reading from my older cousins’ collections as a kid. They were rather fascinating too.

  22. so many books from USSR in my collection..also many propaganda magazines in hindi ( national language of India)..
    any one interested ask me…send me message ,,,

    1. Hi Rohit,

      I’m Interested to buy Hindi soviet magazine. Pleasedrop me your E-mail address then I’ll catch you soon.


  23. Following Soviet books for sale…. Pls visit also my ebay site (shalomphilips)

    1. THE SOVIET FAR EAST by P DEMIDOV, Novosti Press Agency, Moscow 1972
    2. SOVIET Art Festival – 1960s-70s (USSR) Color Brochure
    3. SOVIET Long Playing Records – Issue No 9 – 1971 – Moscow

    Plus many other Soviet era books (not yet on ebay)…
    Will add update a list and post them in this blog in a few days.

  24. Hi Everybody…..

    I have the following Soviet Books (english) FOR SALE.
    If you are interested in any of the titles, please email to aphilips007@gmail.com. These books will be made available thru Ebay soon.

    1. Soviet Literature, Moscow (2) 299, 1973, Published by the Writers Union of the USSR.
    2. Moscow Stalingrad 1941-1942, Recollections Stories Reports, Progress Publishers Moscow 1970
    3. Allan Sillitoe, Key to the Door, Progress Publishers Moscow 1969
    4. Moiseyev’s Dance Academy Company, photographs by Yevgeny Umonov, Progress Publishers Moscow, first printing 1966
    5. Talant, Daring, Beauty – The Soviet Circus.
    6. A-Z, the Soviet encyclopedia of Space Flight, Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1969
    7. Soviet Siberia, Progress Publishers Moscow, 1970
    8. The cities of the USSR, Intourist Moscow
    9. Elementary Russian in Patterns, Publishing House Soviet Encyclopedia, Moscow 1964.
    10. Moscow Intourist Companion, First printing 1969
    11. LVOV Tourist Guide, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Moscow
    12. From Moscow to Yalta, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Moscow
    13. The Learner’s English-Russian Dictionary, Soviet Encyclopedia Publishing House, Moscow, 1970
    14. English-Russian Dictionary, Soviet Encyclopedia Publishing House, Moscow, 1970
    15. Moscow Tourist Guide, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Moscow, Sept 1967
    16. Short Stories by Soviet Writers (Parallel Texts), Progress Publishers Moscow
    17. USSR 50, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Moscow, 1972
    18. USSR 75, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House Moscow, 1974
    19. Fundamentals of Radio, I Zherebtsov, Mir Publishers Moscow, 1969
    20. Russian as we speak it, S Khavronina, Progress Publishers Moscow

    Further to this, I have other titles but language is Russian.


    1. by any chance can i get a copy of book on Alexei Maresyeva – the fighter pilot of second world war ? This book was written by Baris Palevoy and published by Raduga.

  25. i am sourcing for abc readers’ complete set of 17 books published by progress publications. i hope you could help me with this concern. and i also need a single consolidated work wherein i could have a glance over different types of communism and its ideologies.

    1. Hello Nitin

      Are those littel smaller books with the titles like: What is communism? What is philosophy?



  26. Hello, I have a large collection of 1939/1940 NY World’s Fair memorabilia with a focus on paper items. My favorites, by far, are from the Russian Pavilion of 1939. Your separate post for the fair shows a number of the beautifully printed pamphlets sold as a series and printed by the Foreign Languages Publishing House. The person posting them, Smkirov, says that he feels his collection of this series is almost complete and he thinks he is missing only two. How many does he have? I have 48 different booklets from this series but am missing three Smkirov has pictured: Light Industries of the U.S.S.R.; Camping at the Pole; Conquest of the Arctic. That means there are at least 51 booklets in this series produced for the fair. Would it be possible to compare lists from this series with others who may own books from it? I will be glad to supply a list and/or images from my collection with a goal of determining exactly how many were produced. I also have two duplicates that I would be willing to swap or sell for ones I do not have.

  27. Hi I’m Nishan from Sri Lanka – As a child (& even as an adult right now) I’ve been an ardent fan of Soviet books both in English & Sinhala. I’m dying to get my hands on Mage Hapankam by Gaful Gulyam in Sinhala language (Original title ‘Shum Bola’ (The Mischievous Boy) published by Progerss Publishers of Moscow. Can you pls. help me to find a way to get my hands on same? Does Progress Publishers exist now if so – what are their contact details? Thanks

    1. Hi Nishan – That was one of my favourites when i was a child & a young adult. I still remember that little song in it that went like “penith ekka they beepan – aadara mage mam jon”! and also the last few words ” mama den yanned gedara! gedara!”. I sincerely hope you will find the Sinhala book as I seen to have lost mine somewhere during moving from SL to Australia ( Though I have still not abandoned hope of finding another copy). Good luck & I sincerekly hope you’ll find a copy.

  28. I have a book from the ussr. We had a border staying with us back in the sixties he bought it with him from Russia. I can send you a picture of it if you send me your email address.
    Thank you

  29. Hello Philip,
    My name is Mira ( Russia) and I have some books that you might be interested in obtaining. I haven’t seen them on your site. Some of them are: New russian Art Book Series – Oscar Rabine by Mikhail German, 1992; Artek – picture book in English,1987; Pyotr Yershov The little Humpbacked horse,1988; Vasily Golyshkin The seaside “Children’s republic”,1985; Osipov The magic tree,1982;G.Demykina The lost girl and the scallywags,1977;Prokofieva Raggity and the cloud,1982 and some other that I can’t remember right now. Hard-cover books in good condition.
    You can contact me via email that I have provided and I will reply as soon as I can.

  30. Hi, I ahev recently inherited a Soviet book whiuch is entitled “The history of the civil war in the USSR. It is a lovely looking old book and wonder if anyone knows about it or its value at all? Many thanks, Niki 🙂

    1. Is the book big or small? Who is the publisher? There are two soviet-published books with this title. The big one, volume one, is well known. Published by the Cooperative of Foreign Worker. Does it have a fabric reproduction arm-band glued to one page? Volume 2, by the Foreign Language Publishing House, is smaller and has less bells and whistles. Look on abebooks to get an idea of the value of these books.

  31. Hi Philip, Thank you so much for your reply. It is a big red book published by the cooperative publisihing scoiety of foreign workers 1937 – Moscow and yes it has a fabric armband in it…..I’ve looked on abebooks but cant find any – maybe its known by another name?? Niki 🙂

  32. ignore my last post – I’ve found the book – although I’m surprised at the disparity between values from £2 up to £80??! Many thanks. Niki 🙂

  33. Hi Philip,

    I was wondering if you knew where I might obtain some soviet era books in moscow. Thanks! M.

    1. Dom Kniga is a very big soviet style book store. New and used books. I also recall there being many bookseller’s stalls around the Lenin Library.

  34. Hi,
    I’m cleaning out my attic and have some items from a 1970s trips to the then Soviet Union that I no longer need to keep here. My dad worked in Aviation so we went along on a trip with other aviation families to tour some of the country. The tour was strictly controlled then and I vividly remember arriving at the various airports and being surprised that we exited the plane under armed guard.
    Anyway, any interest in these items?
    “Moscow, Guide-Book for Tourists” by I. Myachin, V. Chernov from Novosti Press Agency Publishing House . No date on it. In English with lots of pictures/maps. Hard Cover.
    A box of color slides from Novosti Press showing various sites in Leningrad. 1974. Russian/English on the slides
    “Early Russian Embroidery in the Zagorsk Museum Collection” 1983, Russian/English, hardback, Sovetskaya Rossia Publishers.
    “Lenin. The Land Question and the Fight for Freedom” Scientific Socialism Series. First printing 1965. Second printing 1972. English.
    Progress Publishers. paperback.
    “Large postcard series of Peredwishniki paintings.” Russian/German
    1972. Aurora-Kunstverlag. Leningrad.
    “Program for Swan Lake from the Bolshoi Ballet” Russian . 1973.
    Also, some small loose pamphlets from Novosti Press, 1971. which we were given as we toured. Example, “The Preaching and Practice of the Chinese Leaders.” English
    “Stamp with k14 NOYTA CCCP-1970”


  35. Excellent philip! my name is khan, from chennai, tamilnadu, india. I am also collecting soviet books from past 20 years. there were nearly 300 books on various categories. But anyway your collection is very different. My email – kalakkuri10@gmail.com

  36. Interesting site. Do you know whether Progress Publishers completed an English-language edition of Dostoevsky’s works? My impression was that they had barely gotten a start, which was fatally disrupted by the collapse of the Soviet Union. NW

    1. I’m sorry I do not know. As well I have not seen a complete catalogue of their books. Trawling library catalogues may do the trick.

  37. Sir,

    I’m a small time collector of antiquarian books and recently I stumbled across something a seller I frequent that I think is very interesting. I think you may be interested in it. It is a paperback copy of the Manifesto of the Communist Party, in English, printed by the Foreign Languages Publishing house in Moscow. It is in excellent shape. I cannot find any information about this particular one, leading me to believe is is rare. I’d appreciate the chance to discuss it with you.

  38. Sir,

    I recently came across an unusual copy of the Manifesto of the Communist Party. It’s published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow. It is a cream colored paperback. You appear to have two similar volumes in your collection. As I have not seen this particular copy anywhere else, and your collection is one of the few places I’ve seen a similar one, I was wondering if you might be interested in taking a look at a couple photos of it and telling me what you think.

    It is in very good condition. No yellowing, no foxing, no folded pages, tears or stains.

  39. Hi everybody!If anybody interested in Soviet books (V.I. Lenin: Collected Works) and magazines (“New World”, “Science an Life”, “Moscow”, “Novel-paper”) or maybe something other thing, write me on orlova.awesome@gmail.com. I think we could make a deal)))

  40. I have a book by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Insulted and Humiliated, published by Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow. The back page states it was printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but has no date of publication or other indication of date printed. I’ve had this for years. Is it worth anything to you? Please reply. I enjoyed the story very much!

  41. Привет. Я из Москвы. Хотел предложить тебе и твоим посетителям сайта полное собрание сочинений Сталина на русском языке. 13 томов + 1 том автобиография. Олег. zenov2003@list.ru

  42. Какие книги интересуют? У меня есть разные: классика, учебники для университета, стихи, детские, детективы… Есть 34-й том Маркса и Энгельса. Всё на русском языке.

  43. Hi! I just recently purchased a copy of Raduga’s 1983 edition of Ray Bradbury’s FAHRENHEIT 451 (minus dustjacket). I was a bit astonished to find it because I thought it would be a somewhat “hot” book to publish (no pun intended) in the pre-Glasnost years. The illustrations are quite interesting and the look of the book is overall out of the ordinary. Since the credits are in Cyrillic and I don’t read it, I cannot say who is the illustrator. Do you happen to have a picture of the dustjacket of this edition? I cannot find it anywhere. Thank you.

    1. Sorry I don’t have this book, nor have I ever seen it. Try the Zubovsky Boulevard site, he has all his covers online as well. Good luck.

  44. Hello all!

    I am Manu Kant from India. I am deeply interested in buying LENIN STORIES FOR CHILDREN.

    Kindly let me know if someone is selling.



  45. Dear Philip,
    Chanced upon your site while searching for Progress Publishers and liked it a lot. Russian books translated into english hold a special place in my heart as they are part of my growing up in a small town in eastern India, at a time when the tiniest information about land beyond the known territory evoked wonder and awe. I still carry that feeling within, even in this age of information overload as I guess some things do leave an indelible impression within oneself and is hard to change no matter what.
    Just had a small query… is there any possibility of reading your collection through your website ?

    1. Hello Sonali,
      Thank you for your thoughtful and generous reaction to the site. I have learned that there are many people from the sub-continent who feel the same as you do, and am happy that they appreciate my efforts here. I am sorry to say that no, I have no plans to put the content of these books online. Scanning the pages would damage the spine of the books, not to mention the time and effort of scanning 2000 books in my spare time, sorry.

    2. Dear Sonali

      A friend and me have kickstarted the soviet books scanning project..please write to me on nikkyblue at gmail com
      or call me on 9892242767…we r in mumbai

  46. Sir:
    Please help –
    I have a blue cloth hardbound 11x17cm book whose title page reads, ” Fairy Tales by Oscar Wilde, Moscow Progress Publishers 1979 “. The white dj has a black illustration of one of the books’ characters. This apparently is not one of the ” Selections ” volumes also published in 1979.
    I can not find this book described or listed on the Internet. Can you please help me identify this book?
    Thank you very much if you can.

    1. Well, this book is one of the English language ‘approved’ classics published in the Soviet Union for students of English. These were made for internal consumption, and only accidentally come into the English-speaking market. I do not own a copy of this book and do not collect them 9one has to draw the line somewhere.)

  47. Hello Philip & all,

    Do you have Soviet satirist Zoshchenko’s STORIES ABOUT LENIN?

    If you have or if anyone else has got it & willing to sell I am ready to buy it at any cost.

    Kindly get in touch with me.



      1. Hello Philip!

        It is biting satire. Zoshchenko was heavily criticized by none other than Zhadenko. He is available on on many websites like abebooks, alibris & above all on amazon.

        Sorry for late reply.

        By the way, I am deeply interested in Lenin stories for children. Do you have them?



  48. I have 6 SOVIET UNION magazines, Nov 1951 No. 11 (21), Feb
    1952 N0. 2 (24), March 1952 No. 3 (25), April 1952 No.4 (26), May
    1952 No. 5 (27), June 1952 No.6 (28). they are all in reasonable
    used condition. I wondered if you would be interested in them or
    knew of anywhere I might be able to sell them.

  49. Hi, I recently bought at auction maybe 50 or so vintage children’s books…..all in Russian, all from the Soviet Union in the 1930’s. Most are poorly made and crudely illustrated paperbacks, several seem to be more propaganda than anything else. All very interesting. Looking to sell these….any ideas? Anyone interested?

  50. Hi Philip, This is a wonderful website. Tasteful and nostalgic. I did Modern History as a college student in the early 80s (I’m a Singaporean Tamil). The school syllabus then was that the “Soviets were the bad guys”. Now that I’m a teacher of Current History, I’m revisiting those years. As a student, I was partial towards Soviet Union – perhaps because they were pro-India at world forums – but was overall fearful that the superpowers would blow us up all. Anyway, there was a second hand book shop in the 80s that sold Soviet literature, and I bought 2 titles: 1. NATO – Threat to World Peace by M. Kukanov (Progress) 2. The Developing Countries Work for Peace by Tatarovskaya (Novosti) My interest lies more in newspapers and trying to read the editorials, commentaries and analysis of Soviet newspapers, mainly Pravda and Isveztia.

    1. Hi Manu, I’ve sent you a couple of emails regarding “When Daddy Was A Little Boy”. Please check and reply soon.

  51. Hi Philip-
    I just came across your site. I’m an ABAA/ILAB dealer and deal exclusively in Soviet books, publications, posters and ephemera from the 1920s-1930s. Please visit our website and let me know if we can be a resource for you.

  52. Hello all!

    I am Manu Kant from India. I am sorry for this message again.

    I am keen to buy Karl Marx’s collected works. I will pay good price.

    I am also keen to buy LENIN STORIES FOR CHILDREN…. will pay any price for this.

    Please contact me at: redpoet@rediffmail.com or call me at: 09815505920



  53. Hello Howard!

    I located it & bought it. Try ebay.

    If you want I can give it to you but only a coloured photo copy.

    I want to keep it for my 9-yr-old daughter.

    Have you got any more Lenin stories?

  54. Hi Philip! Good luck with your endavor. Back in the 1970s
    and 1980s I was the only independent book dealer, dealing in
    Russian books and books on Russia, in the USA who handled a sound
    stock of Soviet books (from.ca 1918 and up to mid 1980s) in English
    printed in the USSR for distribution outside Russia proper. The
    rest of booksellers, Four Continents, Laszlo/Lee (?) [something?]
    Books in New York, Victor Kamkin Books in Washington D.C., “Zarya
    (?) in Canada were official agents of “Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga” (a
    KGB umbrella organization).

    1. Very interesting! I looked at your website, you have a very impressive collection. I’m in Canada, and I hadn’t heard of Zarya. Here in Vancouver the official Party bookstore was the People’s Co-op Bookstore, which exists to this day.

  55. Hi,

    my name is Maria. I’m from Poland.
    I am writing about USSR in construction in 30s. I have photos of that magasine. But I don’t have issues 1930-1933 and 1939-1941. Especially I am interested in issues about Central Asia.
    Would you be so kind and send me scans of them? (could be in Russian)

    Your sincerely

    1. Hi Maria. My magazines are in storage right now, and I do not have a scanner that can accommodate the large format pages of Ussr in Construction. Sorry.

  56. Would anyone be interested in a copy of The
    Social-Democratic Deviation in our Party published in 1954 by
    Foreign Languages Publishing House. ?

  57. Hello, I have tolstoi’s Childhood, Boyhood, Youth. Foreign Lang. Pub. House designed by D. Bisti. No pub. date, jacket is worn and the cover has small dents. The rest of the book is new, looks like it’s neer been read. I want to sell it, but have no idea of the value, any info. would be much appriciated. Thanks for any help.

  58. I have a paperback entitled, “275 Years, Library of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR at Leningrad,” which is a commemorative publication (1989) of the Academy. It has a number of photographs, many in color, and other illustrations, and is 33 pages plus advertisements, presumably from organizations who supported its publication. It is for sale on line by several bookstores in the UK. Would you, or anyone reading this blog, be interested or have any suggestions who might be?

  59. Hey Philip,
    Keep the great work up of preserving history! I am curious to know what library system you use for the collection, eg Dewey Decimal.
    You’re project of scanning reminds me of google books. Have you seen this documentary about googles monopoly? on book scanning and “orphan books” like the ones you have

  60. Trying to find a complete set of hardcover raduga edition of sholokhov in eight vols with dustjacket. If anyone can help. Thanks.

  61. Hello Philip

    Many congratulations for such a great endeavor….Its really nice to see a fellow soviet book hoarder!

    Soviet children’s books formed an integral part of childhood of few us , who grew up in distant lands, we formed a different world of baba-yagas and Ivans and his foxes.

    Kindly share your email address with me, i have some extra copies of some books (mainly children and literature) , if you want i can share the same with you.

    warm regards

    1. Hello Nikhil,

      I would be interested in buying Raduga/Progress/Malysh Publishers children’s books if you have extra copies of the same in good condition. I’m located in Mumbai. My email ID is: ashishk@gmx.net.

  62. Hi Dion, I’m in Perth, Western Australia and I picked up a few English-language magazines while I was living in Moscow form 2007-2011. What do you know about a series of magazines published by Intourist starting in 1966 called “Travel to the Soviet Union”? I really want to find more! Cheers, Paul Green.

  63. Hi Everybody

    I have many Soviet Era books which I am putting up for sale on Ebay.com. They were obtained in the USSR in 60s and 70s.

    The following items are currently on Ebay.com
    1. USSR 50th Anniversary (1922-1972) Wall Map
    2. Soviet Art Festival -Intourist Color Brochure -1960s
    3. Cities of the USSR – Intourist 1970
    4. Soviet Siberia – for Japanese Travelers – 1970

    Plus many other soviet era titles and magazines.

    For further details, please email to aphilips007@gmail.com

    Many thanks and regards

  64. That’s some collection! I’m sorry to say I’ve dumped many such titles over the years. Do you read Russian? Stalin’s Works were incomplete when he died, and the set was never finished. I noticed in the St Petersburg book market that someone has brought out matching volumes to complete the set (in Russian).

    You might be interested in a bookshop in Kendal (English Lake District), run by the former manager of the British CP’s secondhand bookshop. He bought all their stock when the shop closed. I think it’s called Left on the Shelf bookstore.

    1. Thank you. Stalin’s works were halted at volume 13, in 1956. The Hoover Institute, in America, completed the set with another 3 volumes, I think. They would only have had access to limited documents, so I’m sure the Russian set is more complete.
      Again, thank you, I have dealt with Left on the Shelf, and have always been very impressed with thier stock

  65. Are you intrested in Soviet Union Magazines
    I have a collection of 12 from 1954 (A full year) in excelent condition that I would like sell. I haven’t posted them on ebay yet.
    Regards Jez Pearce

  66. It seems that Soviet Government published also a number of books in English in Berlin in early 1920s.

    I handled at least one of them, a pamphlet printed by the Soviets under the roof of Comintern, Youth Section. The pamphlet was printed in Berlin printing shop and had rather attractive design.

    Made a copy of cover and title page but misplaced or lost it.
    Soviets were very active in printing books in Berlin in German back in 1920s. In many cases they did their best NOT TO REVEAL “Moscow connection.”

    I wonder if anyone knows more about English language propaganda publications in Berlin?

    Will be very thankful for any information.

  67. Hello
    There is a Foreign Languages Publishing House copy of Maxim Gorky’s In America currently for sale on EbayUK. It’s from 1949. Thought some of you might be interested.

  68. Hi folks! Sorry can not help anyone with “Progress” books. Dealt in “Progress” books back in mid 1980s. Had tons of such books and got rid of them in time.

    My “middle name” was always rare and unusual books in English printed by predecessors of “Progress Publishing” (early 1920s to mid 1940s).

    Mainly banned books or books printed in smaller runs.
    Please check my online catalog russica-book-and-art.com from time to time. It helps.
    Always interested in Russian books printed outside the USSR and outside Russia proper.
    Valery Kulakov

  69. Thank you but no. I do not handle anymore “Progress” and Co. publications.My interest is in books in Russian printed outside Russia proper and books in English printed in the USSR prior to 1924.

  70. Thank you Valery! Hope one day we all meet and discuss/exchange ideas on our common passion! 🙂

    Recently I acquired white nights, The Kreutzer Sonata and Gogols stories in marathi ( my mother toungue) its always a joy a to read Soviet books in Marathi as translation is very peculiar.

    Also found many books in English, some authors which i hadnt even heard of. Lets see when i finish reading them all!



  71. I was hoping you or someone could tell me more about a ‘magazine’ called “International Literature” published in 1939 by The State Literary Publishing House, Moscow, U.S.S.R. It is all in paper, yellowing now with age and contains stories, poems, and articles about authors, poets, and is a kind of chronicle of the times.



  72. Rare Soviet books(Originals) available at reasonable(cheap) prices available @ Delhi, INDIA::
    1) Moldavian Folk Tales @ 70/-
    2) Barankins fantasy World @ 70/-
    3)The White Stork in the Sky @40/-
    4)Adventures of Captains:Wrungel @ 60/-
    5)Animals on a Pedestal @ 70/-
    6)Grasshopper the little Soldier @ 25/-
    7)Malachite Casket @70/-
    8)Maths with Mummy @50/-
    9) Tales of Amber Sea @60/-
    10)Where the Sun Woke Up @ 60/-
    11)Folk Tales from the British Island @ 60/- Above books are available at:
    PEOPLE’S PUBLISHING HOUSE (P) LTD. 5-E, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi-110055.
    website: http://www.peoplespublishinghouse.in/
    Mail id: pph5e1947@gmail.com
    Tel: +91 11 23523349 / 23529823

  73. The 1987 Bolshoi´s Book is absolute junk! It has very little historic value, heavily censored and biased. On the other hand, it is a important milestone of Art propaganda of CPSU Agitpropabteilung of Communism´s later days.

    Hope you did not pay an arm and a leg for the book.

    I am always interested in Russian émigré books printed prior to 1948 and Soviet books in English and German in Russia/USSR proper between 1856 and 1929, especially books on ballet and film industry.

      1. Not so sure. One has to be very careful with this kind of statements.There was Black Propaganda, of course but also “grey” and “white” propaganda, as well as multicolor propaganda. Bright as Biblical´s Joseph multi color coat.

        Did anyone came across a better article on the topic in English, Russian or German.

        Good luck to all diggers in petrified Communist dung of bygone Soviet past.

  74. This page (or blog wherever) is wonderful!!! I am looking for this type of thing for a long time. I had collected many information from this page!! But I am really upset about a thing. Can I really read books in this page? Or all the covers of the books are just for show? Philip Dion, Its good that you collect Russian books. In case its a very good job! But if you don’t give us the PDF copy’s, its no good at all. I will say by not giving the PDF copy’s you are doing a crime!!!I hope you will understand my word. If you don’t agree with me, write me to my email. I really want to read the main books.

    1. Hello All,

      I am in Moscow right now (13.08.2013). I am interested in collecting (and reading) some old Soviet era books, particularly pre-1960s. Does anyone have an idea if there is any book stall in present-day Moscow where such books may be available?

      I tried some large book stores in Leningrad, but was unsuccessful. I could not even find a book on Leningrad siege,
      written during that time (and translated in English).

      Any help/hint will be appreciated.

      Best regards.


      1. Hi Pijush

        Check out book stalls/stores around Lenin Library

        Beware of fakes…whether books or collectibles…..



  75. Hi Phillip,
    I have a few volumes that you may be interested in:

    I have the 2 volume set of the Dostoyevsky classic, The Idiot, along with the companion volume, Stories, also by Dosteyevsky. They were published by Progress Publishers in 1971 in English to commemorate the 150th birthday of Dostoyevsky. The woodcuts are by Andrei Goncharov. I noticed that you had Book Two of the set, but did not see the other two. My set has the dust jackets and are in excellent condition. What do you think this set is worth?

    I also have A Hero of Our Time by M. Lermontov published in English by the Foreign Languages Publishing House of Moscow. The illustrations are by D. Shmarinov. The book is in excellent condition. I have the dust cover which has minor tears on the edge.
    I didn’t notice this work in your collection.

    Finally, I have M. Saltykov-Shchedrin’s Judas Solovlyov also published in English by the Foreign Languages Publishing House of Moscow. It is illustrated by Kukryniksy. I didn’t see this volume in your collection.

    My parents bought these books on a trip to the Soviet Union in the 70’s. But my family connection is deeper. We used to receive boxes of Russian books published in English in the 1950’s. I still remember some of the beautifully illustrated children’s books with wonderful folk tales like Baba Yaga and the Firebird. It’s wonderful that you have an appreciation for this relic of a society that no longer exists.

    Please let me know what you think these books are worth and if you are interested in any of them.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  76. Hi Philip!
    Are you interested in such books as Three Three Centuries of Russian Poetry (Progress Publishers) and F.S.Fitzgerald. Selected short stories (Progress Publishers)?


  77. Curious, I also live in Vancouver and I used to buy Soviet books, mostly in Spanish as at that time I lived in Spain. There used to be a bookstore dedicated to Soviet and other communist (Cuban mostly) materials. There I got some of Lenin’s complete works volumes, plus some in Russian to practice the language. I don’t have them now with me here in Vancouver, but I still love the aesthetics and also that of Soviet propaganda posters.

  78. Hello all

    One more blog entry from me..would love if you read this one:




  79. @ Nikhil,
    Speaking of fakes, a few days ago I acquired 2 copies of the original 124-page “When Daddy Was A Little Boy” – the copy bought from People’s Cooperative Bookstore in Vancouver (Canada) is authentic, but the copy bought on eBay US appears to be fake – it has the same cover but the pages are glossy and the page layout is different with 119 pages instead of 124. The text and pictures are also not as sharp as in the other copy. The usual “Request to Readers” at the end of the book is also missing.

  80. Try to become friendly with not well established book scouts (“kholodnye knizhniki”).The established ones will charge you “arm and a leg” for books you still can get in Moscow for a song.

    1. Valery, by “cheaper reissue” do you mean a more recent reissue published by a different publisher than the original? But the book I purchased on eBay has “Progress Publishers Moscow” clearly printed on the title page. The reverse side states: “First printing 1966. Second printing 1973. Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”, which indicates that it is a second print. Did Progress Publishers issue the 1973 reprint on glossy-type paper with 119 pages instead of 124? For the record, the copy I bought from the Vancouver bookstore is undated, suggesting that it may be the 1966 first printing.

  81. Ashnish, my interest in petrified Soviet sh.t of black and grey propaganda printed matters in foreign languages from late 1940s and through the 1980s was always minimal.Not able to answer your question.

  82. Philip – your collection is amazing, thank you for sharing! I am a social studies teacher in NY and I’m always on the look out for new ways to present information & help my students develop critical thinking skills. I’m starting my own collection of vintage US world history textbooks. They help me show students how views of different cultures & events have changed over time. I’d love to have an opportunity to allow them to compare/contrast the USSR vs US views of events like the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, Communism vs. Capitalism, Imperialism, etc. If you ever notice an interesting passage – I’d be so grateful if you posted it to your blog or emailed it to me – doramiad[at]gmail.com.

    1. Philip, I am happy to note that someone in west has such fascination for USSR Era books in 2013. I have many soviet books on variety of subjects even children books. I have similar instinct for get up of soviet books. I have purchased many on account of title only … one I remember and still in my shelf.. is “WORD:as physiological and therapeutic factor” In India we call “Shabd Brahma” which means ‘WORD is GOD’. Now as a Neuroscientist and Hypnotherapist I found this to be a pioneer work….

      1. Dear Dr Kushwaha

        Didnt know about above topic ( Shabda-brahma)! Sounds very interesting! =)



  83. Hi Philip:

    Stumbled onto your site looking for affordable books on Todor Zhivkov topics, so I googled “soviet books” and landed here. You’ve quite a library! I don’t have as extensive a collection of Soviet materials as you do, but I have a few Soviet produced books in my library. I get it about their appeal. They have a charm about them, a look, a feel, a vibe even. Typically, the paper is not good quality, browning quickly, and very thin, but the type is always crisp, and the binding nicely done. I took Russian for a few years (sad to say, never developed fluency), and have a few Soviet texts for “RSL” aimed at native speakers of English. (Russian as We Speak it by S. Khavronina) and Russian Syntax: The Simple Sentence by (A. Belevitskaya) are two from my courses. They have good cloth binding, and the paper in the Khavronina is white and glossy, quite good quality, the Belevitskaya not as white or glossy, but better than usual. I think the most unusual and cherished Soviet item I have is Raagame Eesti Keelt = My Govorim po-Estonski, an RSL text aimed at native speakers of Estonian. I also have a couple of issues of a magazine called “Krokodil” from the early 1970s. Enjoyed viewing your collection!, Cheers, Thomas.

  84. Hi again, Philip:

    Correction to my previous, the Estonian book is Мы говорим по-эстонски / Raagime eesti keelt, and is aimed at Russians who wish to learn Estonian, not the other way round as I had stated. Must have lost it in the translation :))


  85. Hello all

    Can someone tell me which book shops/ agency in calcutta(now Kolkata) sold Soviet books?



      1. Friend,
        i’m nikhil saji from kerala(india).i’m very happy to see this site.my hobby is reading mainly marxist related books.i’m interested to buy soviet printed political books(english).
        Please contact me,mail:nikysaji@gmail.com,8086649191.

    MY EMAIL IS: sbrath2k@rediffmail.com

  87. Hello,

    I have been looking very long for a few books by Raduga Publishers. Rat-a-tat-a-tat and The adventures of Dennis. Please tell me where I can procure these books


      1. Hi Dev,

        Thanks a Lot!!! Really appreciate what you’ve done for me here!


    1. Hi Mickey Robbins!
      Hard copies of “The adventures of Dennis” are scarce but I believe author´s son and grandson are still alive.Both live in Moscow, Russia.Not in Moscow, USA as many Russians do.

  88. Hello all

    trust you all having a great time reading/hoaring and hunting for Soviet books…..

    While talking to an old timer 2 days back, i came across a publisher from DDR ( East Germany) called Seven Seas Ltd. They also published an array of lovely books…

    Does anyone know about them?

    warm regards


    1. I am Balram Sharma in Delhi India (0919212504960 Mobile) yes i have many books of seven seas as well as thousands of books and magzines from various progressive / left publisher from ussr, china, albania , uk, usa,PPH, left book club london, vanguard usa, etc etc IN ENGLISH and want to sell them write to me on my email : balram_2feb@yahoo.co.in


      IST PARTY 1918-19

      NOTE: Seven seas published only litrary books

  89. Steve, I’m a permissions contractor for CRC Press, a division of the Taylor & Francis Group. Couild you possibly send me an email address for MIR Publishers, Moscow? They have an online form, but I don’t read Russian and Google won’t translate it. Or is there any way you could ask them to email me? Ted Logan

  90. Hello. I have just acquired a large collection of Soviet literature – mostly novels and some magazines like sputnik .I was going to sell them on Ebay but ran into your website while doing research on some of the titles. Let me know if you are interested in the details. You can e-mail me on vinmug@yahoo.com.

    1. Hallo! I am one of the few dealers in Germany, specializing in rare and out print books in Russian printed outside Russia proper, starting from 1567 and 1967.Please quote.

      I also buy and sell books in English and German printed in Russia proper prior to 1890.
      You can e-mail me on azwerskij@yahoo.com

  91. I have a library-withdrawn copy of the pamphlet “On preparations for the 50th anniversary of the formation of the USSR.” I have no use for this in our library but balk at just tossing it. If someone in Canada would like to have it, please send me an email with something in the subject line about the pamphlet. Please send your name and address. I shall mail it to the first person with a Canadian address who contacts me. (no charge for anything) judyh@staff.ednet.ns.ca

  92. I have a very large collection of 1939 pamphlets published by Foreign Language Publishing House Moscow. I can e-mail a list.

    1. Dear Marijana, Please check Grigorii Evseevich Zinov´ev´s title in our catalog with covers by Chekhonine.Chekhonine´s did not know about this book. There is no copy in all major libraries and to the best of my knowledge the book is not recorded in …Knizhnaia Letopis´! Any suggestions? Best, Valery

  93. Marijana-
    I looked at your nice site. How do you know that the cover of book #26382 is by Goncharova?

  94. Fascinating site for a former intel analyst of the USSR. I have the complete 2nd ed. of the Bolshaya Sovietskaya Entsyklopedia; this set is unusual as it used to belong to the Central Intellgence Agency. Interested parties please contact me at
    literaryspy “at” hotmail.com

  95. I recently acquired a Russian-English dictionary. It says printed in the USSR… State publishing of foreign and national dictionaries 1958… Any history on this? Thanks!

  96. I am santhanam from tamilnadu,Indi
    It’s a wonderful site I am also collect
    soviet books in my mother language Tamil
    anybody want to sell soviet books pls contact
    me 8940003346
    And I have spare set of books of selected works of marx & engels in tamil

    1. I am trying to find a set of the ten volume collected works of Gorky in hardcover

      Any ideas please

      Sent from my iPhone


      1. The right person to help you might be Ms. Lyubov Kazachenkova of Moscow.She might have some tips for you.Please check the net.


        This message and any attachments are intended for the person or persons named as addressees only, and may contain confidential information.They may also be protected by copyright. If you believe that you have received this message in error, please notify us of this error, do not make use of or copy it. You must not copy, disseminate or otherwise distribute or publish this message, except for the purposes this message is intended, without written consent of russica-book-and-art.com Group,Berlin-NYCor Russica Publishers, Inc., NYC Copyright Office. email: kulakov@russica-book-and-art.com

        I Collect Soviet Books schrieb am 15:00 Donnerstag, 13.Mrz 2014: WordPress.com >Nikhil commented: “I have a few of them, getting hold of all 10 is difficult but I am still trying for the missing ones ! :(” >

  97. I have ‘Marx Engles: Ireland and the Irish Question’ and ‘Lenin on the Paris Commune’ both published by Progress Publishers. They are, both, first printings 1971 and 1970. Email me, if you are interested.

  98. Have a very rare edition of Joseph Conrad (1959) printed in the USSR in English.The book was intended for distribution within the USSR not for export to the West.Covers and illustration by unidentified Soviet artist. There is a chance the artist was a prisoner in GULag at the date of publication or he was a KGB/GRU officer.

    In both cases names of artists, editors and even proof-readers were withdrawn from colophon and/or preface.VERY GOOD CONDITION.

    The book was distributed among Foreign languages departments of the USSR´s major Universities and language schools, Foreign languages Soviet Military and KGB Schools, Radio Moscow´s , African, American and English Sections reference libraries.

    English-speaking and -reading audiences in the USSR were among not very numerous private consumers. For more details please check http://www.russica-book-and-art.com

  99. I’m looking for a Soviet era book published in English in, I think, the 1980’s (or possibly the late 1970’s). Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the book or the author. But it was quite unique. It was a study of critical aesthgetic practices in contemporary Western Europe and the USA. The author examined, for example, existentialist-oriented writers like the French novelist Alain Robbe-Grillet. His subject matter included contemporary film and lliterature, as well as other disciplines. Do you know the name of this work, or can you suggest where I might be able to find it?
    Wally Brooker, Toronto

  100. I have a number of pamphlets I received from a friend who passed away several years ago which may interest you. Titles include “Economics and Politics in the Era of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat”, Foreign Language Publishing House Moscow, Second Impression (year uncertain), and various editions from the Little Lenin Library, International Publishers, New York, 1932 to 1946, including “Letters from Afar”, “The Tasks of Youth” (Stalin), “Marxism and Revisionism”, “Imperialism – the Highest Stage of Capitalism”, “The Proletariat Revolution and Renegade Kautsky”, “War and the Worker”, “The Tasks of the Proletariat in our Revolution”, and “The Young Generation.” If you would like further information or photographs, please contact me.
    Denny Smith

  101. Hi,
    I am looking for the book “The nightingale echo Soviet stories” by K.M.Cook, but I need only the story “The nightingale echo” by Anatoly Kim which is included into this book. I saw it in tour gallery of books. It is very important for me to find it. Could you help me and send scanned version of only Anatoly Kim’s story, please?

  102. I came across your blog (very cool, btw!) while searching the Internet for a relic from my childhood. I distinctly remember having it and a couple other children’s books as a kid, yet today only one of them (Little Clay Hut) remains in my possession. Here goes:

    I *think* it was called “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” or had something similar in the title. I don’t remember the content from the book much beyond that, except that it was in English but also maybe bilingual? There may have been Cyrillic in it too; I seem to remember being puzzled by the non-English of some pages. There also seems to have been some kind of activity/quiz aspect to it, as I remember something like a crossword grid and small, upside-down footnote answers to questions. The cover was green, with an illustration of a girl (holding a lamb, I think?) maybe about half an inch to an inch thick, and given that it was for children I suspect it was from Raduga (or Progress) and 70s/80s Soviet era. It was most likely something my baba bought for me at a church flea market or something.

  103. Hello Kokoba

    If there was an illustration of a gal holding a lamb, the story name may be ” Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka” , story is about a gal and her brother, the later being turned into a lamb. However the book if is half/one inch thick, it may be a collection of Russian Folk stories and this story being one of the stories in it.

  104. Hallo Likakim92
    Please try to be more professional.Many of us are busy with our own studies. When asking for a favor, please give exact data for collector´s item in question.You may try to ask for assistance Lyubasha (Lyubov Kazachenkova).Lyubasha, proprietor and editor of Russia´s best library journal.Email address: azachenkovaL@gmail.com.Good luck!
    Interested in all Anatoly Kim earlier editions in Russian.
    I am not collector but book lover and bookseller.My interest is in books in English and German printed in Russia USSR within ca.1737 (?) – 1944 chronological frame.USSR on/in [Re]-Construction and Soviet Cinema excluding.

  105. Hallo Denny!
    My interest is in Russian books in English and German printed in Russia proper only.Chronological frame is between ca.1737 (?) till 1944.Anything between 1880 and 1944 very selective. I am not collector but dealer and book lover with extensive mailing list.Good luck with your pamphlets and best of all!

  106. One Hundred and Fifty Soviet books in Tamil language! WOW!!! Lost my breath!Am I impressed with Soviet Propaganda Press, Inc.Rushed to bookshelf and grabbed my favorite “black propaganda pillow book.”

    Hazan, Baruch.Soviet Impregnational propaganda.Ann Arbor, [1982] to check references on Tamil language publications or broadcasting.One of my girl friends was a Tamil but living in Berlin for 28 years.

    Book is stuffed with half a dozen articles in Russian, English and Swedish on the very same subject and it is a great reference.

    The most funny thing that the Soviets spent so much money and efforts on spreading His Master´s Voice among Tamil people.
    It is a well known fact that some high ranking Soviet diplomats who worked with Tamil intellectuals in 1960s and 1970s used to call them “monkeys”.

    Then, why to spread Lenin word and his prophet Stalin the Murderer word among “monkeys”?

    Oh, Lord please help me to understand “a great unwashed Russian soul”.(Evgenii Petrov and Ilya Ilf, authors of “Twelve chairs” and “The Golden Calf”.)

    Looking for first American, first British and first Latvian editions of “Golden calf” with dust jackets (sic!).
    To prospective supplier (s): Please do remember, I am not collector but book lover and bookseller.

  107. Can anybody please let me know if they have school level mathematics text books from grade 1 in English. thanks

  108. Has anyone seen (or read about) flyers or four-page brochures in English and French printed for British and French Expeditionary Forces in Russia ca.1918/1919 ?

    Flyers and brochures were printed, in all the probability, in Odessa and Murmansk (?) printing shops. According to some Soviet researchers printing took place in Petrograd or Moscow. Some claim flyers were printed in Reval [Tallinn]

    Any information will be very much appreciated.

  109. Hi Philip.

    my name is tom and i collect Hemingway books, recently i acquired a ‘a call to arms’ and it is published by progress publishers in Moscow 1969. i was wondering if you could shed some light on the rarity of this book and any further information you have on progress publishers? you can contact by email at t.w.carnegie@gmail.com. thanks!

  110. Hello, I am from Brazil and very interested in MIR books, specially those related to Maths and Physics. please let me know if you have any. Thanks,

    1. I am a bookseller and recently purchased a collection of Mir math and physics books, some English translations, others in French. They are not yet catalogued, but I will get that done soon. Anyone wanting a list can email me at orders@bertbook.com. The person who is selling me the books almost certainly has more that I am likely to acquire in the relatively near future.

  111. I am from the UK but have recently moved to Lithuania and have aquired the full set of Lenin’s Collected works (45 books) in the original Russian in embossed hardback. I am looking to sell them. Would you or any contacts you know be interested in buying the complete works?

    I can send photos and further information etc if you are interested.

    Kind Regards
    Fay James

  112. Hi ,, i really like this idea to catch books. I m hunting for best Russian classic .. Either Dostoevsky, Chekov, Nikolai, Tolstoy, Stanislavski, Russel, or whatever you guys expected to sell…
    here i m , your buyer…

  113. Hi… i am saravana. I am searching a book name “Navaratna malai” . it published by radhuga publishers, 1974. where i can find it …

    please tell me…

  114. Dear friend,
    Do u have “learn russian language”authored by wagner and obisyenko?I am not able to get this book as it is out of print .It was a good and precious book but I am unable to get it.If it is avaiable anywhere kindly inform me to my mobile number 9176741031 so that,I can buy this book.
    with regards,

  115. Hi, Philip,
    I’m a master’s student in library science and am doing my thesis on Soviet literature in American libraries during the Soviet era. I’ve stumbled upon some books from Progress that have tags on their title pages, as per the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which required all disseminators of foreign “propaganda” to register with the US gov and conspicuously tag their books. As you have an extensive collection, I’m curious if you have or have ever encountered any such specimens. Any information you can give will greatly help my research! Thanks!

  116. I am VERY keen on Russian books in English. I have some, though not so many in this great library. How can I get PDF copies? I’d be delighted to get at least electronic replicas. – All the best. Val.

  117. Very neat site, sir. One question: looking at your info on the famous HIStory of the civil WAR in USSR title. You point out the 1938 edition was written only by the Bolsheviks who survived the great terror. But I also see russian language editions from 1935 that seem to have been authored by some of those killed in the terror. Is that correct? Thx for any help on this.

  118. U guys ought to visit the central office of the ” People’s Publishing House” in Jhandewalan, New Delhi, India. They have a whole room full of old soviet books in english, many still in their cartons. I think I spotted biographies of Lenin, Tolstoy, Marx, Engels etc. and also the collected works of messrs Gorky, Pushkin & Turgenev. They also have a fair collection of books on science, medicine, engineering & maths ( all published by MIR) as well as some booklets with quaint titles like “What is Capitalism?” & “What is the Transition Period?”.Google ‘PPH Jhandewalan India’ and u will find a ph. no & email ID.

  119. Very nice collection.
    When I was in school in 90s, I had read a book of short stories small boy and his different childhood experience (something like Dennis the menace). Somehow I remember most of the stories but I cannot remember the author or the title.
    would be happy if I could at least know the name / author.

    1. Hi Mahesh, could the book be ‘Adventures of Dennis’ by Viktor Dragunsky? If you remember any of the stories, please mention those and maybe someone will be able to help with the name and author. I’d be happy to connect at devadatta_r@yahoo.com Cheers, Dev

  120. Dear Philip.
    best compliments for your collection. My name is Laura Leonelli and I am a journalist. I am making a research on the Russian artist Rosalia Rabinovich, active in the 30s. She has work as a teacher for children and some works of her students (especially puppets) were exhibited at the New York World’s Fair of 1939. I think that something could have been published in one of the two pamphlets (Children and Art in the URSS and Public Education in the URSS). Do you think is it possible to scan the inside pages and send them to me? Of course, if you have same expenses I will pay for them. Thanks a lot for your kind collaboration and attention. I hope to have news from you on my email: lauraleonelli@libero.it
    My best wishes

    1. Hi Amit!

      Do you want to sell the Soviet era Children’s books? ?I have 11-yr-old daughter & I would like to read the stories to her.

      If you are willing to sell, call me at: 09815505920

      or write at: redpoet@rediffmail.com

      Thanks & regards


  121. I have a complete set of Stalin’s works in English (13 volumes). Is there any market for these?

  122. Hi Philip,
    Can i have an email address of progress publishers if it’s available or any way to contact with it?

  123. I have a book that was give to me by a soviet general, I have very little information about it, is was printed in 1969 by the “military defense ministry Moscow publishing 1967 USSR.

    its a signed copy something 50 years soviet weapons

  124. Hello Phillip,

    I am looking for a book called Bukhara: The Reminiscences by Sadridin Aini. It was published by Raduga Publishers. Do you know where I can obtain it? or maybe you have email address for Raduga Publishers? thank you in advance

  125. I am interested in books published during soviet period. Has any body placed these books in PDF format on any website? So we can read these old books which are now out of print.

  126. Hello,

    I collect books of Stephen King from the whole world. I’m searching for an edition wich was written in the time of The Soviet Union.
    I saw once Carrie (Кэрри). Anyone knows where I can find this book?

    1. When and if you are prepared to pay ca.$ 25,00+ insurance (postage included in the price of book) will be able to find you earlier editions of Stephen King.Keep checking my site periodically.

  127. Hello,
    I collect books of Stephen King from the whole world. I’m searching for an edition which was written in time of The Sovjet Union. I saw once Carrie (Кэрри). Can anyone help me to find this one.

  128. i have read The Adventures of Tolya Klyukvin and Other Stories
    by Nikolay Nosov in tamil translation.can i get that book now.i have lost mine…

  129. Hi Philip. I came across the most unusual magazine in really great condition called Soviet Land. It’s the December or January issue from 1938. It’s the size of a LIFE magazine with a cover drawing of skaters. Chock a block with positivity about the USSR. What do you think? Best, Katherine

  130. I have a copy of ‘The Adventures of Dennis’ and “When Daddy Was A Little Boy’, both published by Progress Publishers and in very good condition. People living in India who may be interested in buying the book can contact me at ashishk@gmx.net.

  131. Hi – I’ve been reading Progress books I buy at the People’s Coop Bookstore in Vancouver for years and I love them – writing is excellent and the translations well done. Is any one still publishing these books? Thanks love the site.

  132. I have collection of Soviet Books on Literature and also few issues of Soviet literature. I will suggest that we the people who love Soviet Books consider to establish a digital library and we upload books in PDF format.

    1. Thanks for the good proposal. If you want to work in that way, we can upload them on our website.


      we also sell and purchase old progressive literature, including political books of any party.

      if interested call me: balram sharma 9212504960

  133. Hello Soviet Book Friends! Due to relocation 44 volumes of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia is up for sale. Second edition, printed between 1949 and 1956, all volumes in excellent conditions. (Small problem: volume 40 gone missing throughout the years…) This is the original, Cyrillic version! The volumes are located in Budapest, Hungary. Please contact me at daniel.tarjanyi@rsoe.hu if interested.

  134. I am looking for a a soviet poetry book about a boy who did not want to take a bath so all his possessions abandon him, and then he meets a crocodile who is very angrey and forces the boy to take a bath.

    1. Hello Richa,
      I think the book you are looking for is “Wash ’em Clean” by Kornei Chukovsky.

  135. The guy who ran this blog is unfortunately deceased. He was moving home and a huge crate of Progress Publishers books collapsed on him. He tried to gnaw his was out from under the pile but only got as far as Volume 3 of the Collected Works of V I Lenin.

  136. i want books in telugu of soviet literature of turgenev, pushkin, tolstoy, dostovoyesky,chekhov and revelutionary poem series IMMMORTALITY and novels about the revelution, world war2, m.m .lermanthov works plehanov philosophical works . If available mail me. mail me at kamalakarveluri@gmail.com.

      1. Hello,
        I (the citizen of the former USSR) am greatly impressed by this collection of Soviet books.
        I’ve got
        1)two volumes of the novel The Idiot edited by the Progress Publishers for the sesquicentennial of Dostoevsky’s birth with a brief outline of his life and work with interesting photos
        2)The National-Liberation Movement:Friends and Foes. Novosti Press Agency Publishing House 1972
        3)On the 60th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Novosti Press Agency Publishing House1977
        4)Yasnaya Polyana The Lev Tolstoi Estate Museum Progress Publishers
        and some beautifully illustrated childrens’ books by Pushkin,Tolstoi,Marshak and stories about Lenin Raduga and Progress Publishers.
        If anyone is interested contact me.My e-mail super.verbena555@yandex.ru.

  137. Hello. I have a copy of the 1944 soviet calendar. I don’t know if you know of anyone that might be interested in it. Many thanks. Helen.

  138. Dear Mr.Dion
    I’m not sure whether it might be of interest or not, I own a very rare book on Lenin and the October Revolution that was printed in Kiev in 1940 made of pamphlet s, articles appeared on Pravda but not only, and writings by famous former Soviet authors and politicians.
    Now, the point is the book is in Russia but, its rarity is given by an autographed writings on the second page After cover by Iosiph Stalin.
    Please advise if it could be of interest.
    Gaia Bandini

  139. I have a very large collection left to me by my father (a Russian language and literature scholar) of Soviet era books from the 1950s and early 1960s. There are some histories, but the majority represent the Russian literary canon from the 18th century to the 20th century. Thus, there are many sets of the collected works of the classic authors. I’d like to know who I might consult about selling them. I have not catalogued them yet, but can do so if I have a serious buyer.

  140. Hello Philip, I’m trying to get permission to quote a line from Gherman Titov’s “700,000 kilometres through space: Notes by Soviet cosmonaut No. 2” published by Foreign Languages Publishing House in 1962. It was translated from the Russian by R Daglish. Do you have any contact details for either Titov’s estate, the FLPH or R Daglish, by any chance?

  141. Contact me if anyone wants to buy the complete set (45 volumes) of Lenin’s collected works.

    Publication: Progress Publishers, Moscow, USSR

    Condition: good

    My phone number: 9815505920

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