People’s Co-op Bookstore

Located for ages on Commercial Drive in Vancouver , the People’s Co-op Bookstore has played an important part in my collection.  A left wing book store associated with Canadian CP, it was the outlet for the Soviet presses in Vancouver.  After the folding of Progress, Aurora and the other Soviet presses in 1991 the store […]

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Outer Space or Bust

Gennadi Chernenko – Outer Space or Bust A children’s book with a lot of text and many, many fine illustrations.  No date on the book, but it has an ISBN (5050017122) so it is likely from the 1980’s.  Some nice illustrations of Gagarin and Korolev, as well as many fanciful visions of the future of […]

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Leninabad is 2500

Leninabad is 2500 From 1986, Irfon press published album celebrating Leninabad, the once and future city of Khujand, Tajikistan.  This book is filled with photos emphasizing the modern look of this ancient city, highlighting the 1970s style of ‘national’ socialist realist architecture.  Of course there are the requisite statuary and happy people with medals, but the […]

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The True Story of the Russian Revolution and the Building of Socialism – Sorry, sorry, sorry.

V. Yesakov, A. Nenarokov – From Literacy Classes to Higher Education E. Bagramov – One Hundred Nationalities- One People Last time, I promise.  At least for a little while.  Two more from this series, the others are here, here and here.  From 1982, this series was published jointly by Progress Publishers and the Novosti Press […]

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