Leninabad is 2500

Leninabad is 2500 From 1986, Irfon press published album celebrating Leninabad, the once and future city of Khujand, Tajikistan.  This book is filled with photos emphasizing the modern look of this ancient city, highlighting the 1970s style of ‘national’ socialist realist architecture.  Of course there are the requisite statuary and happy people with medals, but the […]

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Soviet Turkmenistan

P. Kosyrev – Soviet Turkmenistan A 1956 medium-size celebration of the great Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, now a slightly terrifying petro-tyranny that could teach Stalin himself how to run a cult of personality.  But back in the good old days a land of tankers and buses.   Lovely dustjacket, embossed cover and ethnically-appropriate designs throughout, […]

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Housing in the Soviet Union

Housing in the Soviet Union – K Zhukov No Date given on this one, but it is obviously from the early Khrushchev era, when a lot of prefab, mass consumption housing was quickly raised in all Soviet cities.  This massive construction programme finally ended the chronic housing shortages that plagued all Soviet cities since about the 1920’s.  […]

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