The Quiet Sun

N. Pushkov, B. Silkin – The Quiet Sun More Mir.  1968.  From the inside cover (maybe it rhymes in Russian?) : . How can events 150 million kilometres away affect us here on earth? But if you ever have complained of poor radio reception, if the compass needle has ever gone wrong, if you have […]

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107 Stories about Chemistry

L. Vlasov, D. Trifonov – 107 Stories about Chemistry Another of the Mir paperbacks.  These books are translated from a series published by the Young Guard -Molodaia Gvardia- newspaper.  This book, unlike the others, acknowledges the designers A. Kolly and I. Churakov,  though I don’t know if this is for the cover or the illustrations […]

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Outer Space and Man

Outer Space and Man From a series of one of my favorite Soviet book series, popular science pockebooks  from Mir Publishers.  Mir was the scientific foreign language publisher; this is one of theirs from 1967.  All of these books have fantastic, whimsical covers.  This is one of the best, I think.  

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