From Pole to Pole

N. Mikhailov – From Pole to Pole Nikolai Mikhailov was a prolific author of popular geography books in the Soviet Union, I have four or five different titles of his.  This one is about a journey by boat from the Arctic to Antarctica.  Published in 1960.  Photographs by Mikhailov as well.  And translated by Robert […]

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Conquest of the Arctic

Otto Schmidt – Conquest of the Arctic A little book by one of the best loved Stalin-era celebrities.  Academician Schmidt was a scientist and polar explorer, but mostly he was the ‘scientific’ star in Stalin’s firmament.  Stood on the mausoleum with the rest of them, but miraculously survived until 1956.  And never grew a moustache, […]

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Across the North Pole to America

M. Gromov – Across the North Pole to America As he flew over my part of the world (Vancouver): “The Canadian tundra appeared.  The sky cleared.  Unknown land stretched beneath us: numberless lakes of varying size and shape, bogs, rivers, and scrub, gradually passing into forest.  This monotonous landscape stretched as far as the Rocky […]

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Soviet North

S.V. Slavin – The Soviet North To continue with the Soviet arctic theme, here’s a geographic survey from 1972.  A Good enough dust jacket, but the cloth cover: wow.  This book contains many folded maps bound into the pages, and many black and white photographs of strip mines and logging trucks.  Inside cover signed by […]

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Alitet goes to the Hills

Tikhon Syomushkin – Alitet goes to the Hills A long gap between posts, I have been unpacking my library and can now do this with the books in front of me, which is a much nicer process.  This is a lovely novel translated for the Foreign Language Publishing House.  A ‘Siberian’ novel about the indigenous […]

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