Physics for Entertainment

Y. Perelman – Physics for Entertainment, Book 1 A very attractive children’s popular science book from the Foreign Language Publishing House, designed by L. Lamm.  Full of great line drawing illustrations. I’m sure this book will bring back fond memories for some readers, some who even wore the pioneer’s kerchief.

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I Walk in Space

Cosmonaut-hero A. Leonov – I Walk in Space A children’s book illustrated by the man who made the first space walk, Leonov’s paintings aren’t masterpieces, but nonetheless make a wonderful book.  From 1980, Malysh Publishers, a Soviet children’s imprint. And here is the what has to be the best marginalia I’ve found in any of […]

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From Pole to Pole

N. Mikhailov – From Pole to Pole Nikolai Mikhailov was a prolific author of popular geography books in the Soviet Union, I have four or five different titles of his.  This one is about a journey by boat from the Arctic to Antarctica.  Published in 1960.  Photographs by Mikhailov as well.  And translated by Robert […]

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I. Yefremov – Stories Hello all.  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated.  Sorry for the delay, was busy went on vacation, busy again etc.  Anyhow, here’s a children’s adventure book from the Foreign Language Publishing House, 1954.  Sort of a boy’s own for the Young Pioneers.  Contains some dramatic colour plates.  The stories […]

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