Vladimir Obruchev – Plutonia Another early Soviet science fiction classic by Obruchev.  And another hidden-world story located somewhere in the ‘north’, where Russians could hide anything.  The book focuses mostly on dinosaurs and other ancient species.  This is also an undated Foreign Language Publishing House effort.  Great cover: The book is designed by D. Bisti, […]

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Sannikov Land

Vladimir Obruchev – Sannikov Land Classic Soviet sci-fi, written in 1926.  This edition, undated, is likely from the late 40s or ‘fifties.  Published by the Foreign Language Publishing House.  Great cover and jacket: Sannikov Land is not an invention of the author, a geologist, but a ‘real’ mythical island believed to be somewhere in the […]

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Destination Amaltheia

Anthology – Destination Amaltheia A very cool-looking cover for a 1960’s science fiction anthology.   Great cover. This book in a paperback with ‘flaps’ that echo the dust jacket on a hardcover book.  These flaps have some nice photos and write-ups on the authors included in this anthology.  I have been so kind as to scan […]

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Garin Death Ray

A. Tolsoi – The Garin Death Ray I got this book a long, long time ago, probably in the first year I began collecting these books.  It is a science fiction novel, by the same author of Aelita, written in 1926-27, with a new chapter added, Stalin style, in 1937.  I Don’t have the dustjacket, […]

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I. Yefremov – Stories Hello all.  It’s been a long time since I’ve updated.  Sorry for the delay, was busy went on vacation, busy again etc.  Anyhow, here’s a children’s adventure book from the Foreign Language Publishing House, 1954.  Sort of a boy’s own for the Young Pioneers.  Contains some dramatic colour plates.  The stories […]

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Journey Across Three Worlds

Journey Across Three Worlds A Soviet science-fiction anthology, published by Mir Publishers, typically the science and technical Soviet publisher.  Like many of the Mir books, a lovely, whimsical cover.  Included for your pleasure: A & S Abramov, A & B Strugatsky, E Parnov & M Emtsev, I. Varshavsky, S Gansovsky, K Bulychev and A Lvov.  […]

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The Heart of the Serpent

The Heart of the Serpent A collection of Soviet science fiction short stories, the title taken from a short story by writer and paleontologist Ivan Yefremov.  From 1961.  Awesome cover. There’s even a wikipedia entry on this one: The original Soviet cover is much cooler than the American one, you must agree.

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Aelita Queen of Mars

Aelita Queen of Mars by Alexei Tolstoi This is a science fiction novel from the 1920s, written by Socialist Realist stalwart A Tolstoi.  An early work of his, this book is about intrepid Soviet citizens who journey to Mars, and forment a socialist revolution on the red planet.  There was a silent film made based […]

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