Outer Space or Bust

Gennadi Chernenko – Outer Space or Bust A children’s book with a lot of text and many, many fine illustrations.  No date on the book, but it has an ISBN (5050017122) so it is likely from the 1980’s.  Some nice illustrations of Gagarin and Korolev, as well as many fanciful visions of the future of […]

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Space Laboratories

G. Zhdanov, I. Tindo – Space Laboratories There’s no date on this Foreign Language Publishing House paperback, but it’s shortly after Cosmonaut-hero Garagin’s flight in 1961.  Co-author G. Zhdanov is no immediate relation the Andrei Zhdanov, the Administrator-hero of Leningrad and  Stalin crony.  Inside are some very nice technical drawings of Sputnik and other Soviet […]

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I Walk in Space

Cosmonaut-hero A. Leonov – I Walk in Space A children’s book illustrated by the man who made the first space walk, Leonov’s paintings aren’t masterpieces, but nonetheless make a wonderful book.  From 1980, Malysh Publishers, a Soviet children’s imprint. And here is the what has to be the best marginalia I’ve found in any of […]

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Road to the Stars

Road to the Stars – Yuri Gagarain Autobiography of the first man in space.  Nice enough cover, typical of the Foreign Language Publishing House.  Heroic story, naturally.  This book was a gift from my sister. … and the cloth cover:

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