Soviet Calendar 1945

Here’s the second wartime calendar.  This one has a very marshal feeling; you’ll see what I mean. Here’s one marshal. The marshals continue.  Zhukov’s chest looks naked compared to the official post-war portrait, covered in metal and ribbon. The civil war heroes, Voroshilov and Budyonny, recast to lead the Soviet Army. A very unusual portrait […]

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Soviet Calendar 1947

From 1944 t0 1947 the Foreign Language Publishing House put out English language ‘page-a-day’ calendars.  The first of these really functioned as a tear away calendar, with pages meant to be removed each day, to reveal another act of heroism by the Soviet Army or a significant date in the Soviet year, Stalin’s birthday, or […]

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Soviet Union Magazine

This is the successor publication to USSR in Construction.  They are published from the last known address of the 1949 run of USSR in Construction, 8 Moskvina, Moscow 9.  More or less the same dimensions, these have the full colour covers (obviously) and black and white interiors.  These are no longer printed with the foggy […]

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USSR in Consrtuction No 12, 1949

J.V. Stalin’s 70th Birthday Issue After USSR in Construction was eclipsed by the Great Patriotic War in 1941, it mad a brief reappearance in 1949.  Here is one issue from that time, the December issue devoted to Stalin’s 70ieth birthday.  This celebration was a big deal across all of eastern Europe, as for many newly […]

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