I was recently featured in a Russian language online magazine in a feature about foreigners inspired by Russia and the Soviet Union.  Fun.  Here’s a link. Advertisements


People’s Co-op Bookstore

Located for ages on Commercial Drive in Vancouver , the People’s Co-op Bookstore has played an important part in my collection.  A left wing book store associated with Canadian CP, it was the outlet for the Soviet presses in Vancouver.  After the folding of Progress, Aurora and the other Soviet presses in 1991 the store […]

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Cover Galleries All Done

So, I just finished posting all the scans of the all the covers of all my Soviet books [though not really all, I’m sure I’ve missed some, and new books have come in since I started the project.]  The list of pages is in the right-hand column.  Lots of pictures to look at.

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Cover Galleries

I have just started a project to put all the scans and photos of the covers and dustjackets of my books online.  On the right, in the list of pages, you can find the beginnings of this project.

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