Soviet Union Magazine

This is the successor publication to USSR in Construction.  They are published from the last known address of the 1949 run of USSR in Construction, 8 Moskvina, Moscow 9.  More or less the same dimensions, these have the full colour covers (obviously) and black and white interiors.  These are no longer printed with the foggy […]

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USSR in Consrtuction No 12, 1949

J.V. Stalin’s 70th Birthday Issue After USSR in Construction was eclipsed by the Great Patriotic War in 1941, it mad a brief reappearance in 1949.  Here is one issue from that time, the December issue devoted to Stalin’s 70ieth birthday.  This celebration was a big deal across all of eastern Europe, as for many newly […]

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USSR in Construction, No 6, 1934

Dedicated to Soviet Science This is a groovy one.  And excitingly designed by El Lissitsky! The inside cover features this list of German scientists repressed by the Nazi state.  Soviet culture from this period seems in retrospect, and for the most part, crass and cynical.  Particularly so when we look at the Stalin cult.  But […]

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USSR in Construction, No 5, 1933

Devoted to New Plants and Crops An overview of the divers types of food brought to the USSR from around the world for use in Soviet agriculture.  A very progressive and worthwhile project. If you look closely at this next page you’ll notice that it is two-tones, black and green.  Exceptional for this magazine. These […]

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USSR in Construction, No 5, 1934

The Moscow and Leningrad Meat Packing Plants This issue of the magazine combines a number of Stalinist themes.  It is a celebration of the soon to be built meat-packing facilities in Moscow and Leningrad.  The magazine has many architectural drawings of the plants, and photos from other, lesser but existing meat packing plants.  The celebration […]

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