Most Recent List of Soviet Fiction Titles

January 2011 



Swans Flew By

Abramov et al. Journey Across Three Worlds
Abramov, Abramov Horsemen from Nowhere
Adamovich Khatyn, The Punitive Squads
Aitmatov Jamila
Aitmatov Tales of the Mountain and Steppe
Akasov Family Chronicle, Childhood years of Bagrov Grandson
Aksakov Little Scarlet Flower
Aleikhem Bewitched Tailor
Andreyev (ed.) Soviet Russian Literature; Selected Readings
Antonov In a Quiet Village
Antonov Spring
Ardamsky Saturn is Almost Invisible
Atarov (ed.) Anthology of Soviet Short Stories Vol 1
Atarov (ed.) Anthology of Soviet Short Stories Vol 2
Auezov Abai
Avyzuis Lost Home
Azhayev Far From Moscow; Book 1
Azhayev Far From Moscow; Book 2
Azhayev Far From Moscow; Book 3
Babloyan, Shumskaya Folk Tales from the Soviet Union
Baruzdin We’re Flying Across the USSR
Baruzdin et al. Deathless Trumpeter
Bazhanova (ed.) Anthology of Russian Short Stories
Beilin Story About One Big Family
Belayev et al. Visitor from Outer Space
Belov Best is Yet to Come
Bogdanov Ivan
Bogomolov Aching in My Heart
Bogomolov Moment of Truth
Bondarev Shore
Bubennov White Birch-Tree
Bubennov White Birch-Tree
Bunin Shadowed Paths
Bunin Stories and Poems
Chakovsky Unfinished Portrait
Chekhov Cherry Orchard
Chekhov Selected Works, Plays, Volume 2
Chekhov Short Novels and Stories
Chekhov Three Years
Chernyak Hour has Come
Chukovsky Telephone
Chukovsky Wash ’em Clean
Conrad Lord Jim
Dostoyevsky Funny Man’s Dream
Dostoyevsky Idiot, Part 2
Dostoyevsky Insulted and Humiliated
Dostoyevsky My Uncle’s Dream
Dostoyevsky Notes from a Dead House
Dostoyevsky Poor People and Stories of the 1840s
Dostoyevsky Stories
Dubov Boy by the Sea
Dubov Lights on the River
Dudintsev Nina and Other Stories
Dumbadze Law of Eternity
Durova Your Turn!
Ehrenburg Storm
Fadeyev Young Guard; Book 1
Fadeyev Young Guard; Book 1
Fadeyev Young Guard; Book 2
Fedin Early Joys, Volume 1
Fedritsky Traitors Unmasked
Forsh Pioneers of Freedom
Franko Boa Constrictor
Furmanov Chapayev
Furmanov Chapayev
Gaidar Blue Cup
Gaidar Selected Stories
Gaidar Timur and his Squad
Gamzatov My Dagestan
Gaskell Mary Barton
German Cause You Serve
Gladkov Cement
Gladkov, Sergeyev Exit Lorentz
Gogol Government Inspector and Selected Stories
Gogol Mirgorod
Golubov Bagrattion
Gonchar Short Stories
Goncharov Same Old Story
Goncharov Same Old Story
Gorbachev Beyond the Arctic Blizzards
Gorbatov Donbas
Gorky Artamonovs
Gorky Artamonovs
Gorky Childhood
Gorky Childhood
Gorky Collected Works Volume III; Mother
Gorky Five Plays
Gorky Foma Gordeyev
Gorky Life of Matvei Kozhemyakin
Gorky Little Sparrow
Gorky Mother
Gorky Mother
Gorky Mother
Gorky My Apprenticeship
Gorky My Universities
Gorky Plays
Gorky Plays
Gorky Selected Short Stories
Gorky Tales of Italy, Childhood
Gorky Three
Granin Those Who Seek
Green Wind from the South
Gribachov August Stars
Gulia Springtime in Saken
Guseinov Name Unkown
Herzen Who is to Blame?
Ibragimobekov There Was Never a Better Brother
Ibrahimov Azerbaijanian Poetry
Iskander Thirteenth Labour of Hercules
Issahakian Selected Works
Ivanov Eternal Call
Ivanov Selected Stories
Jalil Selected Poems
Karlin Nightingale Echo
Katayev White Sail Gleams
Kaverin Open Book
Kazakevich Heart of a Friend
Kazakevich House on the Square
Kazakevich Spring on the Oder
Kazakevich Star
Kazakov Autumn in the Oak Woods
Kin Across the Lines
Kizilov (ed.) New Names
Kochetov Zhurbins
Kolosov Farewell, My Dear Colonel!
Kolupayev et al. Tower of Birds
Komissarzhevsky et al. Nine Modern Soviet Plays
Korneshov Brush with Hate
Korolenko Blind Musician
Kotsyubinsky Birthday Present
Kotsyubinsky Fata Morgana
Kozhevnikov Living Water
Kuprin Garnet Bracelet
Kupriyanova, Ivanovskaya Soviet Russian Poetry of the 1950s-1970s
Lazutin Through Thorns to the Stars
Leberecht Light in Koordi
Leonov Russian Forest
Lermontov Hero of our Time
Leskov Enchanted Wanderer
Leskov Enchanted Wanderer and other Stories
Leskov Lefty
Livanov Legend and Fact
London Short Stories
Luknitsky Nisso
Makarenko Road to Life; Vol. I
Makarenko Road to Life; Vol. II
Maltsev Heart and Soul
Mamin-Sibiryak Privalov Fortune
Mamin-Sibiryak Tales for Alyonushka
Markov Siberia
Mayakovsky Collected Works; Vol I; Selected Verse
Mayakovsky Collected Works; Vol II; Longer Poems
Mayakovsky Collected Works; Vol III; Plays Articles Essays
Mayakovsky et al. Lenin in Soviet Poetry
Medvedev Chariot of Time
Melezh People of the Marsh
Mikhailova Classic Soviet Plays
Mikhanovsky Doubles; Fantastic Stories
Moroz ed. Love that Was…
Mustai Golden Eagle Village
Nadezhina Subviewer puts to Sea
Nikitin Voyage Beyond Three Seas
Nikolayeva Harvest
Nilin Cruelty
Nosov Eleven Stories for Boys and Girls
Novikov – Priboi Sea Beckons
Obruchev Plutonia
Obruchev Sannikov Land
Obukhova Tale of Polesie
Ognev, Rottenberg Fifty Soviet Poets
Olesha Envy
Olesha Three Fat Men
Orlov Tales by Uncle Trivim
Ostrovsky How the Steel Was Tempered; Vol I
Ostrovsky How the Steel Was Tempered; Vol II
Panferov Brusski; the Soil Redeemed
Panova Looking Ahead
Panova Selected Works
Paustovsky In the Heart of Russia and Other Stories
Pautovsky Selected Stories
Pautovsky Short Stories by Soviet Writers 2
Pavlenko Happiness
Pderovskaya Kids and Cubs
Pisemsky One Thousand Souls
Pisemsky Simpleton
Polevoi Story about a Real Man
Polevoi Story of a Real Man
Popov Steel and Slag
Prishvin Sun’s Storehouse
Prokhanov Tree in the Centre of Kabul
Pushkin Captain’s Daughter
Pushkin Dubrovsky
Pushkin Queen of Spades
Pushkin Selected Works Volume II, Prose Works
Pushkin Tales of Ivan Belkin
Rasputin Money for Maria; Stories
Rybakov Bronze Bird
Rybakov Dirk
Saat What do We do about Mother?
Saltykov-Schedrin Golovlyovs
Sartakov Philosopher’s Stone
Sefafimovich Iron Flood
Semyonov Seventeen Moments of Spring
Serafimovich Sand
Shamyakin Snowtime
Shapirov General Chernyakhovsky
Shatrov Dramas of the Revolution
Shaw … A Fearless Champion of the Truth
Shevchenko Selected Works
Sholokhov And Quiet Flows the Don; Vol. I
Sholokhov And Quiet Flows the Don; Vol. II
Sholokhov And Quiet Flows the Don; Vol. III
Sholokhov And Quiet Flows the Don; Vol. IV
Sholokhov Early Stories
Sholokhov Fate of a Man
Sholokhov et al. 25 Stories from the Soviet Republics
Sholokov Virgin Soil Upturned; Volume One
Sholokov Virgin Soil Upturned; Volume One
Sholokov Virgin Soil Upturned; Volume Two
Simonov Living and the Dead
Sobko Guarantee of Peace
Soloukhin White Grass
Stelmakh Let the Blood of Man not Flow
Stepanov Thunderers
Syomushkin Alitet goes to the Hills
Tank Red Lillies of the Valley
Tendryakov Son in Law
Tendryakov Topsy-turvy Spring
Tokmakova Happy Morning Comes Back Again
Tolstoi Aelita
Tolstoi Childhood, Boyhood, Youth
Tolstoi Lame Prince
Tolstoi Resurrection
Tolstoi Short Stories
Tolstoy Father Sergius and Other Stories
Tolstoy Garin Death Ray
Tolstoy Marie Antionette Tapestry
Tolstoy Nikita’s Childhood
Tolstoy Ordeal Book I; The Sisters
Tolstoy Ordeal Book II; The Year 1918
Tolstoy Ordeal Book III; The Bleak Morning
Tolstoy Peter the Great, Volume 1
Tolstoy Peter the Great, Volume 2
Tolstoy Resurrection
Tolstoy Tales of Sevastopol
Tolstoy Tales of Sevastopol; The Cossaks
Trifonov Impatient Ones
Trifonov Students
Tsipin Pulse of Time
Turgenev Asya, First Love, Spring Torrents
Turgenev Fathers and Sons
Turgenev On the Eve
Turgenev Rudin
Turgenev Three Novellas about Love
Turgenyev Hunter’s Sketches
Tvardovsky Selected Poetry
Tvardovsky Vassili Tyorkin
Tvardovsky et al. Short Stories by Soviet Writers 1
Upits Cause and Effect
Ushakov In the Land of the White Nights
Vasnetsov Ladushki
Vassilyev Don’t Shoot the White Swans
Voloshin Kuzntesk Land
Voronov Crest of Summer
Yefremov Stories
Yefremov et al. Heart of the Serpent
Yefrimov Andromeda
Yevdokinov Nightengale Echo; New Soviet Short Stories
Zheleznova Northern Lights, Fairy Tales of the People of the North
Zheleznova Vasilisa the Beautiful; Russian Fairy Tales
Zhuravlyova et al. Destination: Amaltheia


Mountain of Gems

On a Seashore Far a Green Oak Towers

Russian Folk Tales

9 thoughts on “Most Recent List of Soviet Fiction Titles

  1. Have you ever come across a work by Vasilli Yan? I have been on the look out for his books “Batu” and “Prince Alexander and the Golden Hoard” for almost 15 years.

      1. Madam,

        As a teenager in India almost 15 years ago I read your translation of Vassili Yan’s Jenghiz Khan. It has remained one of my favorite novel of all time. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful work on that book.

        For years I have wanted to read the sequels Batu and Prince Alexander and the Golden Hoarde. Do you know if these were translated into English and if so where I can get them?

  2. Among MOST RECENT LIST OF SOVIET FICTION TITLES”Turgenyev Hunter’s Sketchesand on the eve are required if it is available for sale i am keen to purchase .my mobile no. is 09234708321

  3. Dostoyevsky Insulted and Humiliated
    Tolstoy Ordeal Book I; The Sisters
    Tolstoy Ordeal Book II; The Year 1918
    Tolstoy Ordeal Book III; The Bleak Morning
    Gorky Selected Short Stories
    above mentioned book are required if available please call 09234708321

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