Most Recent List of Soviet Non-fiction Titles

January 2011





Moscow Subway

Abalkin Economic System of Socialism
Abarenkov Echoes of the A-Blast
Academy of Sciences of the USSR; The Institute of the International Working-Class Movement; Soviet War Veteran’s Committee International Solidarity with the Spanish Republic
Aczel Culture and Socialist Democracy
Adabashev Global Engineering
Adamovich Out of the Fire
Adamovich, Granin Book of the Blockade
Afanastev Scientific Management of Society
Afanasyev Bourgeois Economic Thought 1930s – 70s
Afanasyev Fundamentals of Scientific Communism
Afanasyev Marxist Philosophy
Afanasyev Marxist Philosophy
Agibalova, Donskoy History of the Middle Ages
Agzamkhojayev, Urazayev Uzbekistan: A Soviet State
Aini Pages from my own Story
Alampiev Soviet Kazakhstan
Alayev Social and Economic Geography
Aleksanrov Moscow Past and Present
Alexandrov Contemporary World History 1917-1945
Alexandrov Essays in Contemporary History
Alexandrov Joseph Stalin; A Short Biography
Alexeyev Origin of the Human Race
Alexeyev Russian History in Tales
Alexeyev Siberia in the 20th Century
Alexeyev et al. Short History of the USSR
Alim-khan Hegemonism and US-style ‘Partnership’
Alinin et al. Jonestown Carnage: a CIA Crime
Allakhuerdyan Soviet Financial Systems
Allendorf Women in Socialist Society
Ambartsumov How Socialism Began
Amiatov At the Kremlin Wall
Anachishkin Theory of Growth of a Socialist Economy
Ananichev Environment: International Aspects
Anashkin, Babin Freedom of the Individual in the USSR
Andonikov Last Days of Pushkin
Andreyev Noncapitalist Way
Andreyev Overseas Chinese Bourgeoisie – A Peking Tool in Southeast Asia
Andreyev Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies on the Eve of the October Revolution
Andreyev, Olenev Soviet Foreign Policy and Its Critics
Andropov Who Wrecked the Geneva Talks and Why?
Angelina My Answer to an American Questionnaire
Anikin Russian Thinkers
Antonenko State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art of the Ukrainian SSR
Antonenko, et al. State Museum of Ukranian Decorative Art of the Ukranian SSR
Antonov, Kazutin Kirov Plant in Leningrad
Antosyak Liberation of Romania
Anuchkin – Timofeyev Aid or Neocolonialism?
Apresyan Freedom and the Artist
Araryshev Condemned by History; Israel’s Cooperation with Racists and Reactionary Regimes
Arbatov Dream World of American Policy
Arbatov Time for Crucial Decisions
Arbatov War of Ideas in Contemporary International Relations
Arbuzov Boris Ugarov
Arkadyev General and Complete Disarmament – The Road to Peace
Arlazorov et al. Outer Space and Man
Arnoldov Socialist Culture and Man
Artemov Information Abused
Artsibasov In Disregard of the Law
Arzamasov (ed.) Materials Science
Arzumanyan Hundred Years of World Development
Aslanova National Question Solved
Asoyan Southern Africa: Who is Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth
Asratyan I. P. Pavov His Life and Work
Astrakova et al. We Read Russian
Ata Alla Arab Struggle of Economic Independence
Atchkassov, Preksin Two Worlds – Two Monetary Systems
Avaliani, Zhdanov Bolshoi’s Young Dancers
Avdakov USSR; State Industry During the Transition Period
Avdakov, Borodin USSR State Industry during the Transition Period
Avduyevsky, Uspensky Scientific and Economy-oriented Space Systems
Bach Planning Science
Baibakov, Martynov Satellite and Typhoon
Baikov Magnitogorsk
Bakushinsky Folk Arts and Crafts of the USSR
Baltermants Volgograd
Barabash Aesthetics and Poetics
Baransky Economic Geography of the USSR
Barbanova Yuri Pimenov
Bardin Industrial Might of the USSR
Barg English Revolution
Barkauskas Lithuanian Countryside: Past, Present and Future
Barmenkov Freedom of Conscious in the USSR
Bashchenko Crimean Landscape
Basmanov Revolutionary Vanguard
Basmanov Where are the Trotskyites Leading the Youth?
Batalov Philosophy of Revolt
Batsanov Disarmament, Soviet Initiatives
Bayanov Soviet Socialist Democracy
Beglov European Security- Problem No. 1
Beglov International Relations in Nuclear Age
Bek Berezhkov, The Story of an Inventor
Bekleshov USSR A Guide for Businessmen
Belaya (ed.) Gorky and his Contemporaries
Belayev Ideological Struggle and Literature
Beletsky Ukrainian Painting
Belinsky Selected Philosophical Works
Beloborodov They Did Not Pass
Belov, Karenin, Petrov Socialist Policy of Peace
Belyayev Who Profits from Telling Lies about the Soviet Union
Berezhkov History in the Making
Berezin Cooperation betweeb CMEA and Developing Countries
Berezina Leningrad
Beria On the History of the Bolshevik Organizations in Transcaucasia
Beria Thirty-fourth Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Beria, Malinovsky 34 Years of the Soviet State
Berkhin Soviet Economic Policy: Early Years
Bertsch Top People in Bonn (A-Z)
Bescherevnykh Secret of Man’s Being
Bezymensky Tracing Martin Bormann
Blagoy Sacred Lyre
Blank Politics and Ideology of German Fascism
Blauberg Systems Theory; Philosophical and Methodological Problems
Blidman Waterways and Water Transport in the USSR
Blinov Russian Folk-style Figurines
Blokh et al. Lenin’s Centennial
Blyakhman, Shkaratan Man at Work
Blyumin (ed.) Theories of ‘Regulated Capitalism’
Bobrov Soviet Democracy at Work, The Beat Educated Generation
Bogacheva Leningrad, Petrodvorets, Pavlosk, Town of Lomonsov, Town of Pushkin
Bogat Eternal Man
Bogdanov US War Machine and Politics
Bogdanov USA, Western Europe, Japan
Bogdanova Lenin Through the Eyes of the World
Bogomolov History of Ancient Philosophy
Bogush Maoism and its Policy of Splitting the National Liberation Movement
Boguslavsky ABC of Dialectic and Historical Materialism
Boguslavsky, Rubanov Legal Status of Foreigners in the USSR
Bokii Poltava
Bolovik et al. Zaporozhye
Bolshakov Washington Crusaders on the March
Bolshakov Whither and with Whom?
Bonch-Bruyevich From Tsarist General to Red Army Commander
Bongard-Levin Ancient Civilizations of East and West
Bonosky Are Our Moscow Reporters Giving Us the Facts about the USSR?
Borin Socialist Farming
Borisov Militarism and Science
Borisov Sino-Soviet Relations
Borisov Soviet-Chinese Friendly Ties; A Historical Review
Borisov, Koloskov Sino-Soviet Relations
Borisova et al. (eds.) Outline History of the Soviet Working Class
Borodayevsky Canada USA; Problems and Contradictions in North American Integration
Brezhnev Decisions of the 24th CPSU Congress – A Programme of Action for the Soviet Trade Unions
Brezhnev Following Lenin’s Course
Brezhnev For a Just Democratic Peace, for the Security of Nations and International Co-operation
Brezhnev For an Honest and Fair Agreement
Brezhnev Great October 1917 1967
Brezhnev Immediate Tasks of Agriculture Development
Brezhnev Immortal Exploit
Brezhnev Lenin’s Cause Lives on and Triumphs
Brezhnev On the Draft Constitution […]
Brezhnev Our Course: Peace and Socialism
Brezhnev Our Course: Peace and Socialism
Brezhnev Our Course: Peace and Socialism Part Six
Brezhnev Put Concern for the Working People, Concern for Production at the Centre of Attention of the Trade Unions
Brezhnev Report of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Brezhnev Report of the Central Committee of the CPSU to the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Immediate Tasks of the Party in Home and Foreign Policy
Brezhnev To Ensure Peace and Security for Europe
Brezhnev Trilogy: Little Land; Rebirth; The Virgin Lands
Brezhnev Virgin Lands
Brezhnev et al. Documents and Resolutions: 26th Congress of the CPSU
Brezhnev et al. Documents of the Soviet-French Summit Talks
Brezhnev et al. Study, Work and Act in the Leninist Way
Brezhnev et al. USSR – FRG: Cooperation for Peace
Brezhnev et al. World Meeting of Working Youth
Bronstein World Chess Crown Challenge: Kasparov vs Karpov
Brunets Historical View of Neo-Colonialism
Brutents National Liberation Revolution Today Volume 1
Brutents National Liberation Revolution Today Volume 2
Budyonny Path of Valour
Bugaev What is the Party? 15
Bulatov Modern Methods of Treating Bronchial Asthma
Bulatov Tashkent
Bulganin Directives of the Sixth 5 Year Plan of the USSR
Bulganin Messages Addressed to Britain, The United States, France, Germany, …
Bulganin Report on the Directives of the 20th Congress of the CPSU
Bulganin Speech at the Nineteenth Congress of the CPSU(B)
Bulganin Speech by N.A. Bulganin
Bulganin Stalin and the Soviet Armed Forces
Bulganin et al. Soviet Union on European Security
Bulganin, et al. Suez, the Soviet View
Bulganin, Molotov Meeting of the Supreme Soviet
Bunkina USA versus Western Europe; New Trends
Burgess Our Lives, Our Dreams
Burlatsky World Liberation Movement and Socialism
Buyanov Child Psychiatry and You
Buzev What is Capitalism? 8
Buzev, Buzev Political Economy, A Beginner’s Course
Buzev, Gorodnov What is Marxism-Leninism? 2
Buzuev Transnational Corporations and Militarism
Byalko Our Planet the Earth
Bykov Untapped Reserves of World Trade
Cathala They are Betraying Peace
Central Statistical Board, Council of Ministers of the USSR USSR in Figures for 1976
Changuli (ed.) Nazi Crimes in Ukraine
Chasovnikova Birth of a Socialist State
Chebayevsky History of the October Revolution
Chechulin New Moscow in Construction
Chekharin Soviet Political System under Developed Socialism
Chekhova Chekhov Museum in Yalta
Chepelev Public Education id the Ukrainian S.S.R.
Cherednychenko Truth and Myths about UPA
Cherepanov As Military Adviser in China
Chernega-Balla Transcarpathian Art Museum
Chernenko Outer Space or Bust!
Chernikov Fundamentals of Scientific Socialism
Chernikov Monopolies take Offensive, Contradictions Deepen
Chernousov Soviet Ambassador Reports Back
Chernov Moscow
Chernov South Coast of the Crimea
Chernov Three Days in Moscow
Chernov, Mazov Moscow
Chernyak Ambient Conflicts
Chernyavsky (ed.) CIA in the Dock
Chernyshevsky Selected Philosophical Essays
Chertikhin et al. (eds.) Revolutionary Movement of Our Time and Nationalism
Chesnokov, Karpushin Man and Society
Chirkin et al. Fundamentals of the Socialist Theory of the State and Law
Chivilikhin Wilderness Survey
Chkhikvadze Soviet Form of Popular Government
Chudodeyev (ed.) Soviet Volunteers in China 1925 – 1945
Chudovsky Day of Reckoning
Chuikov End of the Third Reich
Chuikov, Ryabov Great Patriotic War
Chuvilkin et al. Political Map of the World
Clavijo USSR: A Workingman’s Land
Dadani (ed.) Zionism; Enemy of Peace and Social Progress; Issue 5
Daen et al. Kiev Travel Guide
Dalin et al. Economic Theories and Reality
Danilova (ed.) Soviet Women
Davidova, Koshevoi Nature Reserves in the USSR
Davidow People’s Theater: from the Box Office to the Stage
Davidow Soviet Union; Through the Eyes of an American
Davidow Third Soviet Generation
Davidson Cecil Rhodes and his Time
Davydov Myth; Philosophy; Avant-gardism
Davydov October Revolution and the Arts
Deborin Thirty Years of Victory
Deikin Alliance of the Monopolies and the Military
Deineko Public Education in the USSR
Demichev Great Truth of our Epoch
Denisov US Imperialism in South East Asia
Department of History, USSR Academy of Sciences Resistance Movement in Europe during the Second World War
Deyev Philosophy and Social Theory: an Introduction to Historical Materialism
Deyev Philosophy and Social Theory: an Introduction to Historical Materialism
Dmiterko, Pugachev What is the Working People’s Power?
Dobrolyubov Selected Philosophical Essays
Doglov Central America, A Storm Zone
Dragunsky Soldier’s Life
Drambiants et al. Leninist Line- International Solidarity
Drobizhev How the USSR Began to Manage the Economy
Drobizhev Lenin as Head of Government
Drozdov Olympic Moscow
Druzhnin Tretyakov Gallery A Short Guide
Dubinsky Far East in the Second World War
Dubkovetsky Advancing to Communism
Dvinsky Moscow; A Tourist’s Companion
Dyakin et al. 25 Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Dyunin Full Employment: How it was Achieved
Dzerzhinsky Prison Diaries and Letters
Dzhelomanov USSR: Working People in Production Management
Efimov Modern History, Part 1
Efimov World War Two and the Destinies of Asian and African Peoples
Efremov Neocolonialism on the Warpath
Efros Afganistan: US Terrorism in Action
Egorov Antibiotics; a Scientific Appraoch
Eidelman Conspiracy against the Tsar
Eisenstein Notes of a Film Director
Eisenstein Soviet Screen
Emmanuil, Kazakevids Blue Notebook
Engels Dialectics and Nature
Engels Housing Question
Engels Karl Marx – Speech at the Graveside of Karl Marx
Engels Letters of the Young Engels
Engels On Marx’s Capital
Engels Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State
Engels Peasant Question in France and Germany
Engels Reminiscences of Marx and Engels
Eremenko False Witnesses
Etkind Boris Kustodiev
Evintov, Leonenko, Shishko No Statute of Limitations for War Criminals
Falin (ed.) Last Nuclear Explosion
Falin et al. (eds.) Soviet Peace Efforts an the Eve of World War II, Vol 1
Falin et al. (eds.) Soviet Peace Efforts an the Eve of World War II, Vol 2
Faramazyan Disarmament and the Economy
Fedoseyev Mountain Trails
Fedoseyev What is Democratic Socialism?
Fedoseyev (ed.) Myth about Soviet Threat: Cui Bono?
Fedoseyev (ed.) Scientific Communism and Its Falsification by the Renegades
Fedoseyev (ed.) Trade Unions and Peace
Fedoseyev et al. Karl Marx; A Biography
Fedoseyev et al. Leninism and the National Question
Fedoseyev et al. (eds.) Great Patriotic War of the Soviet People and Our Time
Fedoseyev et al. Eds. Triumph of Lenin’s Ideas
Fedoseyev, Timofeyev Eds. Social Problems of Man’s Environment: Where We Live and Work
Fedoseyez et al. (eds.) Man Science Technology II Philosophy
Fedritsky Traitors Unmasked
Fedyukin Great October Revolution and the Intelligentsia
Fedyukin Socialist Revolution in Russia and the Intelligntsia
Figurnov Rising Standard of Life in the Soviet Union
Filatov How the Party came into Being
Filatov My Path in Science
Filipov Actors without Make-up
Fokin et al. Truth about Chemical War
Fothergill Russia and her People; Recollections in Tranquility
Fotieva Pages from Lenin’s Life
Frantsov Philosophy and Sociology
Frantsov et al. Leninist Approach to Unity of the Communist World
Fridland Paths of Science
Frolov Work and the Brain
Fursenko et al. Soviet Writers look at America
Fyodorov Newly-liberated Countries: Ways of Development
Fyodorov Scientific Work of our Polar Expedition
Fyodorov Silent Death
Fyodorov Theory of Politics and Lenin’s Legacy
Fyodorov Underground Committee Carries On
Fyodorov Underground R.C. Carries On Vol 1
Fyodorov Underground R.C. Carries On Vol 2
Fyodorov (ed.) First Breath of Freedom
Fyodorova Mass Technical Training in the USSR
Gabrilovich Fifth Quarter
Gabrilovich Film Trilogy about Lenin
Gagarin Road to the Stars
Galaktionov, Agranovski Dawn of a Great Project
Galan We Must Not Forget
Galiullin Cia in Asia
Garb They Came to Stay; North Americans in the USSR
Gavlin, Kazakova Elitist Revolution or Revolution of the Masses?
Gavrilov Lenin’s “The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky”
Geevsky, Smelov Conspiracy to Stifle Dissent in America
Georgadze et al. USSR: Sixty Years of Union 1922 – 1982
Georglyev Soviet Union Today
Gerasimov Disarmament, Who is For, Who is Against
Gerasimov Fine Arts in the USSR
Gerasimov Keep Space Weapon-free
German Reflections on the Social Future of Mankind
Gilzin Travel to Distant Worlds
Glazyrin Right to Work is Guaranteed by Law
Glebov Unrelieved Tragedy
Glezerman Classes and Nations
Glezerman Classes and Nations
Glezerman Socialist Society: Scientific Principles of Development
Glushko Rocket Engines GDL-OKB
Gokovsky, Trachenberg History of Feudalism
Golikov On a Military Mission to Great Britain and the USA
Golinkov Secret War Against Soviet Russia
Golovanov Our Gagarin
Golovko With the Fleet
Golub Bolsheviks and the Armed Forces in Three Revolutions
Golubeva Early Russia – The USSR
Golubov Bagrattion
Goncharov How the USSR Put an End to National Inequality
Gorbachev Answers to Questions put by Time Magazine
Gorbachev Bringing Out the Potential of Socialism More Fully
Gorbachev Documents and Materials
Gorbachev October and Perestroika: the Revolution Continues
Gorbachev Political Report of the CPSU Central Committee to the 27th Party Congress
Gorbachev Political Report of the CPSU Central Committee to the 27th Party Congress
Gorbachev Selected Speeches and Articles
Gorbachev, Reagan et al. Geneva: the Soviet-US Summit
Gordeyeva Their Point of View
Gordon et al. Places Dear to the Heart
Gorkov A-Z of Cosmonautics
Gorky Articles and Pamphlets
Gorky History of the Civil War in the USSR; Vol 2
Gorky Letters
Gorky On Literature
Gorsky Sea- Friend and Foe
Goryanov Two Ways of Looking at the Indian Ocean
Gott This Amazing Amazing Amazing but Knowable Universe
Goylo Unemployment and “Free” Enterprise
Grachev In the Grip of Terror
Grachev, Yermoshkin New Information Order or Psychological Warfare?
Grechko et al. Liberation Mission of the Armed Forces in the Second World War
Grecov Culture of Kiev Rus
Gribanov Albert Einstein’s Philosophical Views and the Theory or Relativity
Griffin Soviet Frontiers of Tommorow
Grigorian Soviet Society
Grigoryan (ed.) V.I. Lenin, a Short Biography
Grinevich, Gvozdarev Washington vs. Havana
Grink et al. Bolshevik Party’s Struggle against Trotskyism
Grishchenko et al Danger: NATO
Grishin Under the Banner of Lenin’s Party – On to the Victory of Communism!
Gromov Across the North Pole to America
Gromyko Africa; Progress, Problems, Prospects
Gromyko Against the Militarisation and Exploitation of Underdeveloped Countries by Imperialist Powers
Gromyko International Situation and Soviet Foreign Policy
Gromyko Lenin and the Soviet Peace Policy
Gromyko On the International Situation and the Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union
Gromyko Overseas Expansion of Capital; Past and Present
Gromyko Policy of Realism
Gromyko Press Conference
Gromyko Safeguarding Peace is the Main Task
Gromyko To Justify the Hopes of Nations
Gromyko Soviet Note to Britain
Gromyko et al. Soviet Proposals for Strengthening Peace
Gromyko et al. Soviet Union in the Struggle for Peace
Gromyko, Khrushchov Soviet Proposals for Strengthening Peace
Gromyko, Ponomarev (eds.) Soviet Foreign Policy Volume 1 1917 – 1945
Gromyko, Ponomarev (eds.) Soviet Foreign Policy Volume 2 1945 – 1980
Guber How the Soviet Heavy Industry was Built
Gubkin Mineral Resources of the USSR
Gudozhnik Civilisation & Global Problems
Guerman Art of the October Revolution
Gurevich Culture for the Millions
Gureyev, Sedugin Legislation in the USSR
Gurkov, Yevseyev Tapping Siberian Wealth: the Urengoi Experience
Guryev Riddle of the Origin of Consciousness
Gvishiani et al. (eds.) Scientific Intelligentsia in the USSR
Gvozdetsky Soviet Geographical Explorations and Discoveries
Hanna (Ed.) About Lenin
Heinman Scientific and Technical Revolution: Economic Aspects
Henry Behind the Doors of the White House
Henry Dis-Armament, Who Opposes it?
Herzen Selected Philisophical Works
Higginbotham Autumn in Petrishchevo
Higginbotham Discovering Russia
Ignatiev “Apollo” Heads for Alien Waters
Ignatyev Conspiracy against Delgado
Ignatyev et al. Bolshevik Party’s Struggle against Trotskyism in the Post-October Period
Ikonnikov Russian Architecture of the Soviet Period
Ikonnokova, Lisovsky Youth in our Time
Ilin Little Citizen of a Big Country
Ilina Monumental and Decorative Sculpture of Leningrad
Ilyichov et al. Fredrick Engels; A Biography
Ilyin, Motylev What is Political Economy? 3
Ilyin, Segal How Man became a Giant
Ilyinsky Badges and Trophies in Soviet Sport
Inozemptsev 10 Questions and Answers on European Security
Inozemtsev Contemporary Capitalism: New Developments and Contradictions
Inozemtsev Modern Capitalism: Its Nature and National Features
Inozemtsev (ed.) Peace and Disarmament
Institute of Marxism-Leninism CC CPSU Lenin: A Biography
Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the CC of the CPSU Against Trotskyism
Iovchuk, Kogan (eds.) Cultural Life of the Soviet Worker: A Sociological Study
Iroshnikov First Soviet Government
Issraeljan, Kutakov Diplomacy of Aggression
Its Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography
Ivanov Agrarian Reforms and Hired Labour in Africa
Ivanov Karl Marx A Short Biography
Ivanov Leninism and Foreign Policy of the USSR
Ivanova Hero – Fortress
Ivanova Parks of Culture and Rest in the Soviet Union
Ivanyan, Kunina USSR-US Relations 1917-1973
Ivasheva 20th Century English Literature: A Soviet Vue
Joffe Economic Planning in the USSR
Johnstone In the Name of Peace
Johnstone In the Name of Peace
Kaftanov Soviet Students
Kagan N. Lobachevsky and His Contribution to Science
Kalinin On Communist Education
Kalinin Preschool Education in the USSR
Kaminsky 20th Century Crusaders: Who Backs Them Up?
Kammari Development by J.V. Stalin of the Marxist Leninist Theory of the National Question
Kammari Socialism and the Individual
Kann Environs of Leningrad
Kann Leningrad
Kapchenko et al. Principles of Lenin’s Foreign Policy
Karger Novgorod the Great
Karpinsky How the Soviet Union is Governed
Karpinsky Social and State Structure of the USSR
Karpinsky Social and State Structure of the USSR
Kartunov Enemies of Peace and Democracy
Karyakin, Pilmak Hans Kohn Analyses the Russian Mind
Kashin, Cherkasov What is the Transition Period? 18
Kashina Aesthetics of Dostoyevsky
Kashlev Europe Five Years After Helsinki
Kashlev Information Imperialism
Kassil Early Dawn
Kassis et al. Caught in the Act
Katin For a Collective and Just Solution to the Middle East Problem
Kaziev Social Insurance in the USSR
Keller Soviet Scientist
Kerimov, Chekharin Socialism Democracy Ideology
Khalfina State Property in the USSR
Khamtsov et al. Around the Kremlin
Kharlamov, Vadeyev (eds.) Face to Face with America
Khazan Light Industries of the USSR
Khlyabich Outline History of Philosophy
Khoros, et al. Russian Revolutionary Tradition
Khramstov May Day Traditions
Khromoba Felix Dzerzhinsky; a Biography
Khromov (ed.) et al. History of Moscow
Khromushin Lenin on Modern Capitalism
Khrushchev Control Figures for the Economic Development of the USSR for 1959-1965
Khrushchov Agricultural Progress in the USSR
Khrushchov Control Figures for the Economic Development of the USSR for 1959-1965
Khrushchov Disarmament for Durable Peace and Friendship
Khrushchov For Victory in the Peaceful Competition with Capitalism
Khrushchov Freedom and Independence for all Colonial Peoples; Solve the Problem of General Disarmament
Khrushchov Happiness and Peace for All the Peoples
Khrushchov Imperialism – Enemy of the People, Enemy of Peace
Khrushchov Improvement of Industrial Management in the USSR
Khrushchov Let us Live in Peace and Friendship
Khrushchov Meeting the Voters
Khrushchov New Soviet Seven-Year Plan
Khrushchov On Peaceful Coexistance
Khrushchov Our Time Can and Must become a Time of Peace and Progress
Khrushchov Report of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the 20th Party Congress
Khrushchov Report to the Nineteenth Party Congress on Amendments to the Rules of the CPSU(B)
Khrushchov Revolutionary Working Class and the Communist Movement
Khrushchov Socialism and Communism
Khrushchov Verbatim Reports of Two Interviews Granted to American Newspaper Men
Khrushchov Vital Questions of the Development of the Socialist World System
Khrushchov World without Arms, World without Wars
Khvoinik Trade among Capitalist Countries
Kikoin Encounters with Physicists and Physics
Kilikova Philosophical Conception of Man
Kim Leninism and the International Liberation Movement
Kim Leninism and the National Liberation Movement
Kim (ed.) History of the USSR The Era of Socialism
Kim (ed.) Soviet Union Today
Kirichenko Speech at the 20th Congress of the CPSU
Kirilenko et al. Leninism- A Great Creative Force
Kirilenko, Korshunova What is Personality? 23
Kirilenko, Korshunova What is Philosophy? 4
Kislitsyn, Zubakov Leningrad does not Surrender
Kitaigorodsky I Am a Physicist
Klimenko Kolkhov (Collective Farm)
Koblyakon USSR for Peace: Against Agression 1933-1941
Koblyakov USSR: For Peace; Against Aggression; 1933-1941
Kobolev Ho Chi Minh
Kolar Export of Counter-revolution: Past and Present
Kolbanovsky Education for the Future
Kolchanov In the Labyrinths of Revenge-Seekers
Koldobsky Occupation? Professional Killer
Kolesnyk Ivan Franko
Kolesov Political Economy of Socialism
Kollontai Selected Articles and Speeches
Koloskov Fighter for the Faith? No, Hired Killers!
Komarov This Fascinating Astronomy
Komarovsky Moscow – Volga Canal
Kommissarzhevsky Moscow Theatres
Kondakov Education in the USSR
Kondrahov Life and Death of Martin Luther King
Kondratov Sounds and Signs
Kondratov Sounds and Signs
Konstantinov Maoism and Mao’s Heirs
Konstantinov Role of Advanced Ideas in Development of Society
Konstantinov Role of Socialist Consciousness in the Development of Soviet Society
Konstantinov (ed.) Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninism
Korablev Lenin- the Founder of the Soviet Armed Forces
Korelin, Tyutyukin Collapse of the Russian Empire 1917
Korionov Fighters for the Peoples’ Interests
Korionov Policy of Peaceful Coexistence in Action
Kormnov Specialisation and Co-operation of the Socialist Economies
Korobov How the Soviet Workers Spend thier Leisure
Kortunov Battle of Ideas in the Modern World
Kortunov, Nikitin American Model’ on the Scales of History
Kortunov, Sokov Who is Violating International Agreements?
Kosmodemyanskaya Story of Zoya and Shura
Kosmodemyansky Nikolai Zhukovsky
Kosolapov Commuinism and Freedom
Kosolapov Mankind and the Year 2000
Kosolapov Problems of Socialist Theory
Kostin Wages in the USSR
Kostyukhin World Market Todat
Kosygin Directives of the Five-year Economic Development Plan of the USSR for 1971-1975
Kotov, Yegorov Military Solidarity, Fraternal Assistance
Koval, Denisov Space Flights serve Life on Earth
Kovalyov Crime in St. Peter’s Square
Kovardak New People of the Soviet Countryside
Kovrigina Public Health and Maternity and Child Protection in the USSR
Kozlov Political Economy: Capitalism
Kozlov Amendments to the Rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Kozlov, Pominov World Energy Problem
Kozyrev Arms Trade: A New Level of Danger
Kral Lessons of History
Krapivensky Revolution and its Moral Mission
Krapivin How to Study Marxist-Leninist Theory
Krasheninnikova Russian Cooking
Krasin Lenin, Revolution and the World Today
Krasin Leninism and Revolution
Krasin (ed.) Lenin; His life and Work
Kravchenko Sergei Konionkov
Krenkel Camping at the Pole
Kristosturian 24th CPSU Congress and Prospects for Communist Construction in the USSR
Krivitsky et al. Arise, O Mighty Land!
Krivoguz Second International
Krivonoss Stakhanov Movement on the Soviet Railroads
Krupskaya Reminiscences of Lenin
Krupskaya et al. Search in Pedagogics
Krushcheov Control Figures for Economic Development of the USSR for 1959-1965
Krylov From the Bonfire to the Reactor
Kudryavtsev Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonsov
Kukarkin Passing Age
Kuleshov Selected Works; Fifty Years in Films
Kulikov Political Economy
Kulikova, Mshvenieradze (eds.) Philosophical Conception of Man
Kultygin Youth and Politics
Kumarin Anton Makarenko His Life and Work
Kunetskaya Lenin – Great and Human
Kupala Cultural Progress among the Non-Russian Nationalities of the USSR
Kuprin Selected Works
Kurdryavtsev Peace Programme for Europe
Kursky Planning of the National Economy of the USSR
Kuskov History of Old Russian Literature
Kutafin, Shafir Soviet Parliment: How it Works
Kutakov At the Centre of Political Storms
Kuusinen Right-wing Social-democrats Today
Kuusinen Warmonger’s International
Kuusinen et al. Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism
Kuzin Nuclear Explosions – A World-wide Hazard
Kuzin et al. Education in the USSR
Kuzin et al. Education in the USSR
Kuznetsov Cudgels of “Democracy” Versus Fighters for Peace
Kuznetsov Nuclear Age Peace Code is Needed
Kuznetsov Palaces of Culture and Clubs in the USSR
Kuznetsov Philosophy of Optimism
Kuznetsov Political Economy; A Study Aid
Kuznetsov USSR Economic Zones
Kuznetsov (ed.) Outline of Social Development Part II Capitalist Society
Kuznetsov, Lukashev USSR USA Sports Encounters
Lacis Turning Point
Landau, Rumer What is the Theory of Relativity
Lappo et al. Moscow, Capital of the Soviet Union
Larinov et al. World War II; Decisive Battles of the Soviet Army
Lavretsky Ernesto Che Guevara
Lavrov 23rd Congress of the CPSU Results and Prospects
Lazutkin Socialism and Wealth
Lebedev Itinerants
Lelchuk et al. Short History of Soviet Society
Leniashin Soviet Character; Paintings by Soviet Artists; 1960’s-1980’s
Lenin About the Younger Generation
Lenin Against Imperialist War
Lenin Against Revisionism
Lenin Alliance of the Working Class and the Peasantry
Lenin April Theses
Lenin Articles and Speeches on Anniversaries of the October Revolution
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 01
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 02
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 02
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 03
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 03
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 04
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 04
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 05
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 05
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 06
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 06
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 07
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 07
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 08
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 09
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 09
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 10
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 11
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 12
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 12
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 13
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 14
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 15
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 16
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 17
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 18
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 19
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 20
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 21
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 22
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 23
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 24
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 25
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 26
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 27
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 28
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 29
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 30
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 31
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 32
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 33
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 34
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 35
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 36
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 37
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 38
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 39
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 40
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 41
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 42
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 43
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 44
Lenin Collected Works; Volume 45
Lenin Constituent Assembly Elections and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Lenin Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
Lenin Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
Lenin Karl Marx, The Three Sources etc.
Lenin Lenin on Engels
Lenin Lenin on Fighting Sabotage
Lenin Lenin Versus Trotsky and His Followers
Lenin Letter to the Congress
Lenin Marx Engels Marxism
Lenin Materialism and Empirio-Criticism
Lenin National Liberation Movements in the East
Lenin National-liberation Movement in the East
Lenin On Literature and Art
Lenin On Socialist Democracy
Lenin On Soviet Socialist Democracy
Lenin On Struggle for Political Economic and National Liberation
Lenin On the Cultural Revolution
Lenin On the Great October Socialist Revolution
Lenin On the Paris Commune
Lenin On the Unity of the International Communist Movement
Lenin On Youth
Lenin On Youth
Lenin One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Lenin Questions of National Policy and Proletarian Internationalism
Lenin Report on Peace
Lenin Revolutionary Adventurism
Lenin Selected Works Volume 1 Part 1
Lenin Selected Works Volume 1 Part 2
Lenin Selected Works Volume 2 Part 1
Lenin Selected Works Volume 2 Part 2
Lenin Selected Works; Volume I
Lenin Selected Works; Volume II
Lenin Selected Works; Volume III
Lenin Socialism and Religion
Lenin Socialism and War
Lenin Soviet Power and the Status of Women; International Working Women’s Day
Lenin Speeches at Party Congresses (1918-1922)
Lenin State and Revolution
Lenin State and Revolution
Lenin The Tasks of the Youth Leagues
Lenin Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism
Lenin To the Rural Poor
Lenin United States of Europe Slogan, The War Program of the Proletarian Revolution
Lenin What is to be Done?
Lenin What is to be Done?
Lenin Why the Social-democrats must Declare a Determined and Relentless War on the Socialist-revolutionaries
Leonov Events in Hungary
Leonov I Walk in Space
Leonov Reminiscences of Lev Tolstoi by his Contemporaries
Leonova Museums of the USSR
Leonova Public Education in the USSR
Leontiev Defence of Peace- Common Cause of All Peoples
Leontiev Political Economy
Leontiev Socialism Capitalism; Are they Drawing Closer?
Leontyev Fundamentals of Marxist Political Economy 1
Leontyev Problems of the Development of the Mind
Leontyev et al. (ed) Psychological Research in the USSR
Leontyev, Yakhot New World and its Philosophy
Lesechko et al. Leninisim and the Socialist Community
Leskov Treasures from the Ukrainian Barrows
Levchenko Land Aflame
Levin Origin of the Earth and Planets
Levshin Family and School in the USSR
Lidorenko, Muchnik Fuel Cell Powerplant Engineering
Liebknecht On the Political Position of Social Democracy
Liebknecht On the Political Position of Social-Democracy
Lipovsky Soviet Circus
Lisina Child-Adults-Peers
Liskin Livestock Raising in the USSR
Lobanov State Farms of the USSR
Losev, Takho-Godi Aristotle
Lototskii et al. Soviet Army
Lozovsky Handbook on the Soviet Trade Unions
Lunacharsky Lenin through the Eyes of Lunacharsky
Lunacharsky On Education
Lunacharsky On Literature and Art
Lunacharsky et al. October Storm and After
Lutsky Modern History of the Arab Countries
Luzhkov Homo Sapiens and Star Wars
Luzin Pentagon’s Nuclear Strategy
Lykova USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Social Security
Lysenko Agrobiology
Lysenko New Developments in the Science of Biological Species
Lysenko Soil Nutrition of Plants
Lyubimova, Gauzner Working Class on the Wane?
Maisky Munich Drama
Makarenko Book for Parents
Makarenko His Life and His Work in Education
Makarenko His Life and Work
Makarenko Learning to Live
Makarenko Problems of Soviet School Education
Makarenko Road to Life; Volume 1
Makarenko Road to Life; Volume 1
Makarenko Road to Life; Volume 2
Makarenko Road to Life; Volume 2
Makarenko Road to Life; Volume 3
Makarova Economic Development of Socialist Society
Makhnenko State Law of the Socialist Countries
Maksudov (ed.) Overcoming Economic Backwardness: Forms and Methods
Malenkov Comrade STALIN – Leader of Progressive Mankind
Malenkov G.M. Malenkov’s Speech to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Malenkov Report to the Nineteenth Party Congress on the Work of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B)
Malenkov Report to the Nineteenth Party Congress on the Work of the Central Committee of the CPSU(B)
Malenkov Speech at the Funeral of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Malenkov Speech by G. M. Malenkov ot the USSR Supreme Soviet
Malenkov et al. Seventieth Birthday of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Malenkov, Molotov, Khrushchov Elections to the Supreme Soviet
Malkov Reminiscences of a Kremlin Commandant
Malkova Education
Malukhin Militarism- Backbone of Maoism
Mamontov Disarmament – the Command of the Times
Manin Victor Popkov
Maresyev et al. Avengers
Marinko What is the Scientific and Technological Revolution? 22
Markin Power Galore
Markov Science and the Responsibility of Scientists
Markusha Miracles on Wheels
Marshak Children and Art in the USSR
Martyshin Jawaharlal Nehru and his Political Views
Marushkin History and Politics
Marx Capital; Vol. I
Marx Capital; Vol. II
Marx Capital; Vol. III
Marx Civil War in France
Marx Civil War in France
Marx Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts
Marx Theories of Surplus-Value, Volume 1
Marx Theories of Surplus-Value, Volume 2
Marx Theories of Surplus-Value, Volume 3
Marx Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
Marx Poverty of Philosophy
Marx & Engels Articles on Britain
Marx & Engels Holy Family or Critique of Critical Critique
Marx & Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party
Marx & Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party
Marx & Engels Manifesto of the Communist Party
Marx & Engels On Literature and Art
Marx & Engels On Religion
Marx & Engels On Religion
Marx & Engels On the Paris Commune
Marx & Engels Selected Correspondance
Marx & Engels Selected Correspondence
Marx & Engels Selected Works
Marx & Engels Selected Works Volume 1
Marx & Engels Selected Works Volume 2
Marx & Engels Selected Works; Volume I
Marx & Engels Selected Works; Volume II
Marx & Engels Selected Works; Volume III
Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks)
Marx, Engels Articles from Neue Rheinische Zeitung 1848-49
Marx, Engels, Lenin Non-capitalist Road to Socialism
Mashkovtsev Surikov
Maslov Russian Federation
Mateev Mechanics and Theory of Relativity
Matskevich USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Agriculture
Matskevich et al. USSR: APN Interview Agriculture
Mayorov US Aid: Weapon of the Monopolies
Medinsky Public Education in the USSR
Medvedyev Stout Hearts
Medynsky Education in the USSR
Mehta Mass Media in the USSR
Mekhlis USSR and the Capitalist Countries
Members of the Institute of Linguistics; USSR Academy of Sciences Essays on Linguistics
Menshikov Millionaires and Managers; Structures of US Financial Oligarchy
Metchenko Vladimir Mayakovsky: Innovator
Metropolitan David Live for the Sake of Peace and Justice
Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga 1979; Periodicals of the USSR
Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Fine Art Publications of the USSR
Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Works by V.I. Lenin
Mikeshin History versus Anti-History
Mikhailov 16 Soviet Republics
Mikhailov Across the Map of the USSR
Mikhailov Discovering the Soviet Union
Mikhailov Discovering the Soviet Union
Mikhailov Eradicate Remnants of World War II in Europe
Mikhailov From Pole to Pole
Mikhailov Glimpses of the USSR; Its Economy and Geography
Mikhailov Panorama of the Soviet Union
Mikhailov Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1965 – 1980
Mikhailov Stories about Lenin
Mikhalov Land of the Soviets
Mikhalov et al. (eds.) Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1918 – 1939
Mikhalov et al. (eds.) Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1939 – 1965
Mikoyan Speech at the 20th Congress of the CPSU
Mikulsky Lenin’s Teaching on the World Economy and Its Relevance to Our Time
Millionshchikov et al. Scientific and Technological Revolution: Social Effects and Prospects
Milovsky Ancient Russian Cities
Minayev Origin and Principles of Scientific Socialism
Ming Mao’s Betrayal
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Soviet Union and the Berlin Question
Minz Army of the Soviet Union
Mirovitskaya, Semyonov Soviet Union and China
Mirsky Problems of the National-liberation Movement
Mkrtchian US Labour Union Today
Modrzhinskaya Leninism and the Battle of Ideas
Molchanov General De Gaulle; His Life and Work
Molchanov There Shall be Retribution
Molokov Soviet Civil Aviation
Molotov On the Soviet Union and International Cooperation
Molotov Problems of Foreign Policy
Molotov Second Five-year Plan
Molotov Speech at an Election Meeting in the Molotov Electoral District of the City of Moscow
Molotov Speech at the Funeral of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Molotov Text of a Speech given by V.M. Molotov
Molotov et al. Berlin Conference
Molotov et al. For European Security
Molotov et al. Land of Socialism Today and Tomorrow
Molyakov Countryside Past and Present
Momjam Landmarks in History
Momjan Marxism and the Renegade Garaudy
Momjan Socialism: Its Present and Future
Mongait Archeology in the USSR
Morozova Red Carnation
Morozova, Monakhova Volgograd
Morton Growing Up in the Soviet Union; From the Cradle to Coming of Age
Moscow News Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev; A Short Biography
Moshkovsky Parachute-jumping and Gliding
Moskvin Soviet Theatre
Mshvenieradze Anti-Communism Today
Mshvenieradze Anti-communism; Who Benefits by it?
Mukhina Sculptor’s Thoughts
Muravyova, Sivolap-Kaftanova Lenin in London
Muriyev Rout of ‘Typhoon’
Murphy Journey to the Soviet Union
Mushtukov Lenin and the Revolution
Mushukov Museums of Leningrad
Myachin Moscow; Guide Book for Tourists
Myachin, Chernov Moscow Guide-book for Tourists
Mymrikov Prosperous Collective Farm
Mynailenko (ed.) When the Statute of Limitations Doesn’t Apply…
Myunts Fine Art of Uzbekistan
Nadel Contemporary Capitalism and the Middle Classes
Nadel Intellectual in Contemporary Capitalist Society
Nalin Detente and Anti-Communism
Naumov People Rise Against War
Nekrasov Roots of European Security
Nekrasov Territorial Organisation of Soviet Economy
Nekrassow Consumers Co-operative movement in the Soviet Union
Nemira Nicaragua: the United States’ Undeclared War
Nemyaty et al. (eds.) History Teaches a Lesson
Nenarokov Illustrated History of the Great October Socialist Revolution; 1917 Month by Month
Nesturkh Origin of Man
Nikitin Fundamentals of Political Economy
Nikitin Ultras in the USA
Nikitina State of Israel
Nikitina State of Israel
Nikolaev Thirty Years Since the Victory Over Militarist Japan
Nikolayev Americans as seen by a Soviet Writer
Niyazov Tajikistan
Nogina Mother and Child Care in the USSR
Norden Poisoned Weapon against Peace and Socialism
Nordstein (ed.) Konstantin Yuon
Novgorodtseva Building Socialism: How It Began
Novik Society and Nature
Novikov Notes of a School Principal
Novikov Organizational Society: Social Mechanisms and Ideology
Novouspensky Russian Museum Painting
Obichkin On the “Manifesto of the Comunist Party” of Marx and Engels
Obichkin V. I. Lenin; A Short Biography
Obichkin, Pankpatoba Lenin
Obraztsov My Profession
Obraztsov Railroads of the USSR
Obruchev Fundamentals of Geology; Popular Outline
Obtaztsov et al. Pulse of Time
Oganov Freedom of Art under Socialism
Oirish Curative Properties of Honey and Bee Venom
Oizerman Main Trends in Philosophy
Olekh How to Study the Theory of Scientific Communism
Olgin Maxim Gorky: Writer and Revolutionist
Olgin On the Soviet-Chinese Border
Omelyanovsky Dialectics in Modern Physics
Omenlyansky Lenin and Modern Natural Science
Onikov How the Exploitation of Man by Man was Eliminated in the USSR
Oparin Origin of Life
Oparin, Fesenkov Universe
Osadchaya From Keynes to Neoclassical Synthesis
Osadchaya Keynesianism Today
Osipov Island of the Seven Ships
Osipov Sociology
Osipov et al. Spirit and Courage
Oskin Machine and Tractor Stations
Ossipenko Soviet Far East
Ossipov Suvorov
Ostroukhova et al. V.I. Lenin
Ostrovityanov Role of the State in the Socialist Transformation of the Economy of the USSR
Ostrovsky Holography and Its Application
Ovsyany Origins of World War Two
Ovsyany (ed.) Study of Soviet Foreign Policy
Panifilov Broadcasting Pirates
Pankin Seven Essays on life and Literature
Pankov Political Terrorism: an Indictment of Imperialism
Pankratova (ed.) History of the USSR, Volume 1
Pankratova (ed.) History of the USSR, Volume 2
Pankratova (ed.) History of the USSR, Volume 3
Panov Emotions Myth and Theories
Panteleev, Selivanov (eds.) Criminalistics
Papanin Soviet Wintering Station on the Drifting Ice
Parker Conspiracy Against Peace
Parkhomenko Socialist Realism in Literature and Art
Parnov At the Crossroads of Infinities
Parotkin Battle of Kursk
Pashuto et al. Illustated History of the USSR
Pasternak Selected Writings and Letters
Patolichev USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Foreign Trade
Paton Reminiscences
Patrusenko Monopoly Press
Pavilionis Meaning and Conceptual Systems
Pavlov Psychopathology and Psychiatry
Perelman Astronomy for Entertainment
Perlo Dynamic Stability: the Soviet Economy Today
Pervukhin Speech at the 20th Congress of the CPSU
Pervushin Plan and Initiative
Peskov This is my Native Land
Petrenko How Soviet People Run the State
Petrenko, Popov Soviet Foreign Policy: Objectives and Principles
Petrov Soviet Trade Unions and Wages
Petrov Past and Present
Petrovsky Age-Group and Pedagogical Psychology
Petrovsky Effective Instrument of Peace
Petrovsky et al. Public Health, Social Security, Housing
Phomvihane Revolution in Laos
Pichugina Women in the USSR
Pigolkin et al. What the Soviet Constitution Guarantees
Pirogov What is the World Socialist System? 20
Pisarev Selected Philosophical, Social and Political Essays
Pisarevski Manpower & Jobs, How the Problem is Tackled in the Soviet Union
Pisarzhevsky Dmitry Ivanovich Mendelyev
Pisarzhevsky New Paths of Soviet Science
Platonov Dangerous Step
Platonov Word as a Psysiological and Therapeutic Factor
Plekhanov Development of the Monist View of History
Plekhanov Fundamental Problems of Marxism
Plekhanov Materialismus Militans
Plekhanov Materialist Conception of History
Plekhanov Role of the Individual in History
Plekhanov Unaddressed Letters, Art and Social Life
Plekhanov Utopian Socialism of the Nineteenth Century
Pletushkov (ed.) Soviet Union
Plimak Lenin’s Political Testament
Plotnikov Battle of Stalingrad
Podgorny Lenin’s Ideas Realized
Podosetnik Marxist-Leninist Philosophy, the Theory of Revolutionary Practice
Podosetnik, Spirkin Glance at Historical Materialism
Podvoisky Notes of an Engineer
Pokrovsky Henry Thoreau
Pokryshkin Red Air Ace
Pokshishevsky Geography of the Soviet Union
Polevoi Final Reckoning; Nuremberg Diaries
Poltorak, Zaitsev Remember Nuremberg
Polyakov Civil War in Russia
Polyakova Soviet Music
Polyansky Economic History
Polyansky Great October 1917- 1965
Polyansky (ed.) Internationalism at the Present Stage
Pomeroy Soviet Reality in the Seventies
Ponomarev Living and Effective Teaching of Marxism Leninism
Ponomaryov On the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Communist Internatinal
Ponomaryov et al (eds.) History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Ponomaryov et al. For Unity of All Anti-imperialist Forces
Popov Essays in Political Economy
Popov Socialism and Humanism
Popov Socialism and Optimism
Popov, Serov Soviet Union an the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Popov, Ziegler Year 2000:End of the Human Race?
Popovich (ed.) Orbits of Peace and Progress
Porshev Leninist Theory of Revolution and Social Psychology
Pospelov Lenin; A Biography
Pospelov (ed.) Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union
Postolovsky Living Standard in the Soviet Union
Potatpova Learning Russian 2
Potatpova Learning Russian 3
Potkov World We do not See
Potyarkin, Kortunov USSR Proposes Disarmament, (1920s – 1980s)
Pravda Defence of Socialism: Supreme Internationalist Duty
Preobrazhensky (ed.) Russian Orthodox Church
Prilepko ed. Problem Book in High-School Mathematics
Primakov, Vlasov What’s What in World Politics
Prishvin Nature’s Diary
Prokofiev Autobiography, Articles, Reminiscences
Prokofiev Palace of the Soviets
Promyslov Moscow, The City and its People
Pronin, Stepichev Leninist Standards of Party Life
Propper-Grashchenkov Public Health Protection in the USSR
Pukhlov Party of the Proletariat
Pulkina Short Russian Reference Grammar
Pumpyansky Cannon Shell and the Parthenon
Pushkov, Silkin Quiet Sun
Puzin Religion in the USSR
Pyadyshev Military Industrial Complex of the USA
Rabinovich Jews in the Soviet Union
Rakitov Historical Knowledge
Rastrigin This Chancy, Chancy, Chancy World
Reed I saw the new world born
Reed Ten Days that Shook the World
Reed Ten Days that Shook the World
Refregier Sketches of the Soviet Union
Reznichchenko Young People in the USSR
Rimalov Economic Cooperation between the USSR and Underdeveloped Countries
Rogovsky Work and Employment in the USSR
Rojas On Our Knees – Never!
Rokossovsky Soldier’s Duty
Romanov Spacecraft Designer
Romanova Proving Ground for US Neocolonialism
Rosental Man and Humaneness
Rosenthal, Yudin (eds.) Dictionary of Philosophy
Roset Psychology of Phantasy
Rozanov Behind the Scenes of Third Reich Diplomacy
Rukhadze Jews in the USSR
Rumyantsev Categories and Laws of the Political Economy of Communism
Ryabchikov Changing Face of the Earth
Ryabov Great Victory
Rybakov Kievan Rus
Rybkin Building Together
Ryndina et al. Fundamental of Political Economy
Rzhanitsyna Soviet Family Budgets
Rzheshevsky Europe 1939: Was War Inevitable?
Rzheshevsky Lessons of World War Two
Rzheshevsky Operation Overlord
Rzheshevsky World War II: Myths and the Realities
Rzhevsky West Berlin: A Special Political Entity
Sabirov ABC of Social and Political Knowledge
Sabirov What is Communism? 10
Saburov Report by M. Z. Saburov
Saifulin Dictionary of International Law
Saifulin Rights of Soviet Citizens
Sakharnov Wondrous Ships
Sakharov Lessons of Andrei Sakharov
Samarin Enslavers and Enslaved
Samarin US Imperialism Gangs Up with Forces of Reaction
Samarin, Nikolyukin (eds.) Shakespeare in the Soviet Union
Samsanov History of the USSR; Part I
Samsanov History of the USSR; Part II
Samsanov History of the USSR; Part III
Samsanov Short History of the USSR; Vol. II
Sansone Siberia: Epic of the Century
Saparina Cybernetics Within Us
Sapozhnikov China Theatre in World War II 1939-1945
Sapozhnikov Grim Lesson of History
Saraabyanov Ilya Repin
Sarabyanov Repin
Sautin National Income of the USSR
Savchenko What is Labour? 11
Savelyev, Vasilyev Outline History of Africa
Savin, Sushkov Football
Sazonova Andrei Mylnikov
Schmidt Conquest of the Arctic
Schmidt Short History of the USSR
Schwarz Leningrad Art and Architecture
Sdobnikov Lenin in Our Life
Sdobnikov (ed.) Socialism and Capitalism; Scores and Prospects
Sedykh Estonia; Choice of a Path 1917-1940
Seleznev, Fetisov What is Scientific Communism? 5
Semenovsky Conquering the Atom
Sergeyev Chile; CIA, Big Business
Sergeyev Irkutsk
Sergeyev Queen or Pawn?
Sevostyanov Before the Nazi Invasion
Sevruk (ed.) Password ‘Victory’ Vol 1
Sevruk (ed.) Password ‘Victory’ Vol 2
Sevryugina Lessons of History
Sfonov Courage
Sgibnev et al. Heroes of the War
Shafeta People and Cains
Shaginyan Creative Freedom and the Soviet Artist
Shakhnazarov Coming World Order
Shakhnazarov Contemporary Political Science in the USA and Western Europe
Shakhnazarov Futurology Fiasco
Shaw …A Fearless Champion of the Truth
Shcherbakov Under the Banner of Lenin and Stalin Victory will be Ours!
Shcherbina Lenin and Problems of Literature
Shchetinin US Monopolies and Developing Countries
Sheinis Maxim Litvinov
Shelestov Demography in the Mirror of History
Shemansky (ed.) Peterhof and its Palaces
Shenayev et al. (ed.) Western Europe Today
Shepilov et al. Documents on Hungary
Shepilov et al. Peace and Disarmament, Soviet Proposals
Sheptulin Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
Sherkovin et al. (eds.) Social Psychology and Propaganda
Shermet Ukrainians by Profession
Shershnev On the Principle of Mutual Advantage
Shevchenko Selected Works
Shevtsov CPSU and the Soviet State in Developed Socialist Society
Shilin, Cheema Public Sector in Developing Countries: Role and Efficiency
Shitikov Soviet Parliament: How it Works
Shkolenko Space Age
Shlovsky Lev Tolstoy
Shneerson Aram Khachaturyan
Sholokhov At the Bidding of the Heart
Shteinbakh Soviet Sport; The Success Story
Shtemenko Soviet General Staff at War, Volume 1
Shtemenko Soviet General Staff at War, Volume 2
Shtylko Cultural and Educational Activities of Soviet Trade Unions
Shudakov Pioneers of Soviet Photography
Shvedkov Reaganism: an All-out Challenge to the World
Shvykov (ed.) Soviet Planning Principles and Techniques
Sibilev Safeguard of Peace
Sibilev Socialist International
Simona Socialist-oriented Development and National Democracy
Simonov Stalingrad
Sinelnikov (ed.) Liberation of Europe
Sipols Diplomatic Battles before World War II
Sipols Road to Great Victory
Sipols Soviet Peace Policy
Sivachyor, Yazkov History of the USA since World War I
Skosyrev Soviet Turkmenistan
Skvortsov Ideology and Social Progress
Sladkovsky et al. Present-day China
Slavin Soviet North
Smetanin Who Directs Soviet Industry
Smilga In the Search for Beauty
Smirnov Faust Versus Mephistopheles?
Smirnov Soviet Man
Smirnov (ed.) History of Africa
Smirnov et al. (eds.) Teaching of Political Economy
Smirnov et al. (eds.) White Book; Evidence, Facts, Documents
Smolyansky Soviet Economic Reform and its Critics
Smuul Antarctica Ahoy!
Sobolev Outline History of the Communist International
Sobolev Soviet Youth at Work and Play
Sobolev (ed.) Great October Socialist Revolution
Social Sciences Today Editorial Board Marxist Dialectics Today
Sogomonov, Landesman Nihilism Today
Solasko (ed.) War behind Barbed Wire
Solodar Wormwood
Soloveichik Soviet Children at School
Solovyev Socialist Revolution: Facts and Fiction
Solovyov Turning-Point of World War II
Solovyov et al. Last Circle
Sorokin They March Ahead
Soviet Information Bureau Falsifiers of History
Soviet Women’s Committee Lenin on the Role of Women in Society, and the Emancipation of Women in the USSR
Spidchenko Economic Geography of the World
Spirkin, Yakhot Basic Principles of Dialectic and Historical Materialism
Stakhanov Stakhanov Movement Explained
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 01
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 02
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 03
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 04
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 05
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 06
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 07
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 08
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 09
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 10
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 11
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 12
Stalin Collected Works of Joseph Stalin; Volume 13
Stalin Concerning Marxism in Linguistics
Stalin Concerning the Question of the Strategy and Tactics of the Russian Communists
Stalin Dialectical and Historical Materialism
Stalin Dialectical and Historical Materialism
Stalin Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR
Stalin National Question and Leninism
Stalin October Revolution and the Question of the Middle Strata
Stalin October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists
Stalin On the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union
Stalin Once More on the Social-democratic Deviation in our Party
Stalin Political Report of the Central Committee to the Fifteenth Congress of the CPSU(B)
Stalin Political Report of the Central Committee to the Fourteenth Congress of the CPSU(B)
Stalin Political Report of the Central Committee to the Sixteenth Congress of the CPSU(B)
Stalin Problems of Leninism
Stalin Problems of Leninism
Stalin Provisional Revolutionary Government and Social-Democracy
Stalin Report on the Work of the Central Committee of the CPSU
Stalin Report to the Eighteenth Congress of the CPSU(B) on the Work of the Central Committee
Stalin Report to the Seventeenth Congress of the CPSU(B) on the Work of the Central committee
Stalin Tasks of the Youth
Stalin War of National Liberation
Stalin et al. Correspondence between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the President of the USA and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945; Volume I
Stalin et al. Correspondence between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the President of the USA and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945; Volume II
Stanchuk What i.Dzyuba Stands For, and How He does It
Stanislavsky My Life in Art
Starostin Soviet Football
Starostin Sport in the USSR
Startsev How the Soviets were Formed
Stepanov et al. Socialist Community, Problems of Development
Stepanova Frederick Engels
Stepanova Karl Marx; Short Biography
Stepunina Glimpse of Soviet Life
Sternfeld Interplanetary Travel
Sternin Lenin’s “Materialism and Empirio-Criticism”
Stetsky Our Country
Stoletov Fundamentals of Michurin Biology
Stolyarenko Psychology of Management of Labour Collectives
Straus et al. American Workers Look at the Soviet Union
Strauss-Hupe International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties; Problems of War and Peace
Streltsova Looking into the Future
Strizhevsky N. Zhukovsky Founder of Aeronautics
Studio 9 USA: a Return to the Cold War
Styrkul SS Werewolves
Styrkul Up a Blind Alley
Styrkul We Accuse
Subbotina Lenin’s Study and Flat in the Kremlin
Suchkov History of Realism
Sukhomlinsky To Children I Give my Heart
Summers Red and the Black
Surganov Socialism and Capitalism: Economic Perspectives
Surovtseva Lenin on Proletarian Internationalism
Suslov CPSU the Party of Creative Marxism
Suslov Inspired by the October Revolution
Suslov Struggle of the CPSU for the Unity of the International Communist Movement
Suslov Thirty-Ninth Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Suslov et al. Leninism Today
Suslov et al. Struggle of the CPSY for Unity of the International Communist Movement
Suvorov Higher Mathematics
Suvorova, Romanov What is Property? 13
Sverdlov Marriage and the Family in the USSR
Sverdlova Yakov Sverdlov
Syrokomsky et al. International Terrorism and the CIA
Syusyukalov, Yakovleva Handbook of Philosophy
Tarabrin New Scramble for Africa
Tarabrin ed. USSR and counties of Africa
Tarasov USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Light Industry
Tarasov, Zubenko CIA in Latin America
Telpugov et al. Meaning of Life
Ternovetz Museum of Modern Art
Tikhomirov Towns of Ancient Rus
Tikhonov Guidelines for the Economic and Social Developments of the USSR for 1981-1985 and for the Period Ending in 1990
Tikhonov Judge for Yourselves
Tikhvinsky Sun Yat-Sen
Tishkov Felix Dzerzhinsky
Titaranko Morality and Politics
Titov et al. Pioneers of Space
Tkachenko Community of Fraternal Peoples
Tokarev History of Religion
Tolkunov Middle East: from the Battlefield to the Negotiating Table
Tolkunova, Azarova Soviet Legislation in Children’s Rights
Tolstoi Greater Sochi
Tolstoy Street Art of the Revolution
Tolstykh Communism: Questions and Answers 4
Tomlin To Ban Chemical Weapons
Topornin New Constitution of the USSR
Trapeznikov At the Turning Points of History
Tretyakov Health Resorts for Working People
Trofimenko US Military Doctrine
Trukhanovsky Anthony Eden
Trukhanovsky British Foreign Policy during World War II
Trukhanovsky Winston Churchill
Trush Soviet Foreign Policy: Early Years
Tsagolov War is their Business
Tsitsin Science at the Service of Soviet Agriculture
Turajev Guided Economy
Turovtsev People’s Control in Socialist Society
Ukolova Last of the Romans and European Culture
Ulyanova-Yelizarova et al. Reminiscences of Lenin by his Relatives
Ulyanovsky et al. National Liberation Movement Current Problems
Ulyanovsky, Pavlov Asian Dilemma
Urlanis Wars and Population
Uroyeva For All Time and All Men
Usachev (ed.) USA Anatomy of the Arms Race
Usenin Social Partnership or Class Struggle?
Usoskin et al. US Budget and Economic Policy
Ustinov To Avert the Threat of Nuclear War
Ustinov Two Memorable Meetings
Ustinov (ed.) We’re the Soviets
Utkin What are Trade Unions? 21
Valovoi, Lapshina Names on an Obelisk
Valyuzhenich American Liberalism Myth and Reality Book 2
Varga Twentieth Century Capitalism
Varga USSR as a World Economic Power
Varshavsky, Pospelov Puppets without Strings
Vasetsky Trotskyism Today; Whose Interests does it Serve?
Vasilevsky Born of Fire
Vasiliev Why the Bolsheviks Won
Vasilyev Trade Unions and the Development of Physical Culture and Sport in the USSR
Vasilyev et al. (eds) Peking Reaches Out
Vasilyev, Gushev Reports from the Twenty-first Century
Vasin et al. Communists and Sociak Democrats
Vassilevsky et al. Moscow Stalingrad
Velikhov et al. Weaponry in Space: the Dilemma of Security
Venetsky Tales about Metals
Vergelis On the Jewish Street
Veselovsky Insane Squandering
Vinogradov Health Protection in the Soviet Union
Vinogradov Reader on the History of the USSR
Vinogradov Socialist Internationalisation of Industry
Vinogradov Worker’s Control over Production: Past and Present
Vitiuk Leftist Terrorism
Vladimirov 23rd Congress of the CPSU and the World Revolutionary Movement
Vladimirov Atom-free Zones, Zones of Peace
Vladimirov Bleak Picture
Vladimirov What the 23rd Congress of the CPSU Discussed
Vladimirov, Ryazantsev Mao Tse-Tung
Vladimirov, Teplov NATO A Bleak Picture
Vlasov, Trifonov 107 Stories about Chemistry
Vlasova Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
Vodopyanov Moscow – North Pole – Vancouver, Wash.
Vodopyanov Outstanding Flights by Soviet Airmen
Voitkevich Origin and Development of Life on Earth
Volkoganov Mythical ‘Threat’ and the Real Danger to Peace
Volkoganov Psychological War
Volkov Psychology
Volkov Secrets form Whitehall and Downing Street
Volkov Individual and the Work Collective
Volkov Man and the Scientific and Technological Revolution
Volkov (ed.) Dictionary of Political Economy
Volkov et al. Economies of Rich and Poor Countries
Volkov et al. Labour and Wages, Domestic Trade
Volkov, Zimenov Technological Neo-colonialism
Volkova, Volkov What is Surplus Value? 12
Volodarsky USSR Figures Facts Comparisons
Volodin Heart Surgeon Intervenes
Volynsky Seven Days
Vorontsov From the Missionary Years to Reagan
Vorontsov Words of the Wise
Voroshilov Red Army Today
Voroshilov Stalin and the Armed Forces of the USSR
Vozdvizhensky Mikhail Bulgakov and his Times
Voznesensky War Economy of the USSR in the Period of the Patriotic War
Vygodsky Book for All Time
Vygodsky Capitalist Economy
Vyshinsky J.V. Stalin’s Doctrine of the Socialist State
Vyshinsky Korea
Vyshinsky Remove the Threat of a New World War
Vyshinsky Teachings of Lenin and Stalin on Proletarian Revolution and the State
Vyshinsky Vyshinsky Speaks
Vyshinsky et al. Greek Question
Vysotsky West Berlin
Williams Through the Russian Revolution
Wipper Ivan Grozny
Yakimenko Sholokov; A Critical Appreciation
Yakovlev CIA Target- the USSR
Yakovlev Glimpses of Lenin
Yakovlev Notes of an Aircraft Designer
Yakovlev Of Time and People
Yakovlev On the Edge of an Abyss
Yakovlev Washington Silhouettes
Yakovlev World Socialist System and National Liberation Movement
Yakovlev (ed.) Stages of War and Duplicity
Yakovlev et al. (eds.) Capitalism at the End of the Century
Yampolskaya Siberian Science- Research and Apllication
Yankin Notes of a Stakhanovite
Yanov, Tarasov Working People under State-monopoly Capitalism
Yaroslavsky Landmarks in the Life of Stalin
Yaroslavsky et al. Men of the Stalin Breed
Yefremov Nuclear Disarmament
Yeremeyev USSR in World War Two
Yermakova, Ratnikov What are Classes and Class Struggle? 14
Yermakova, Ratnikov What are Classes and Class Struggle? 14
Yermilov A. P. Chekhov
Yermilov F. M. Dostoyevsky
Yermolovich Lenin on the Party and the People
Yeroslava Painting of Soviet Turkmenia
Yesmeneyev et al. Leninist Solution to the National Question in the USSR
Yevenko Planning in the USSR
Yevstigneyev Flight to Freedom
Yevteyev, Kirin New Soviet Legislation to Combat Crime
Yezhov Organisation of Statistics in the USSR
Yezhov Soviet Statistics
Yudin Prime Source for the Development of Soviet Society
Yuryev Language of Peace is the Language of Reason
Zagladin Lenin and Social Progress
Zagladin Soviet Peace Philosophy
Zagladin Soviet Peace Programme in Action
Zagladin World Communist Movement
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 1
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 2
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 3
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 4
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 5
Zagladin (ed.) International Working-Class Movement 6
Zagladin et al. National Liberation Movement
Zagladin et al. (eds.) Working Class- the Leading force of the World Revolutionary Process
Zagorodnikov et al. Outline of Socialist Labour, Civil and Criminal Law
Zaitsev Youth in the Soviet Union
Zaitsev, Poltorak Soviet Bar
Zamoisky Behind the Facade of the Masonic Temple
Zamoshkin, Batalov (eds.) Political Consciousness in the USA
Zamyatin, Tolkunov XXVI CPSU Congress: Press Centre Dialogues
Zasydako Soviet Fuel and Power Industry
Zazersky As the People Willed
Zelenin Strengthen your Heart
Zelinsky Soviet Literature; Problems and People
Zelkin Flying Trains
Zenkovich Sea Bed
Zenushkina Soviet Nationalities Policy and Bourgeois Historians
Zevelev Nationalities Question: How it was Solved in the USSR
Zevin, Golikov Vladimir Ilyich Lenin; A Short Biography
Zharov USSR: Labour and Legislation
Zhdanov Control of Communicable Diseases in the USSR
Zhdanov, Tindo Space Laboratories
Zhelokhovtsev “Cultural Revolution”: a Close-up
Zhilin et al. (eds.) Recalling the Past for the Sake of the Future
Zhivkov et al. 60th Anniversary of the USSR; Greetings from Abroad
Zhuealev et al. Soviet Youth, Questions and Answers
Zhukhovitsky Snapshots from the Road
Zhukov Battles Hitler Lost
Zhukov Housing in the Soviet Union
Zhukov Methodology of History
Zhukov Reminiscences and Reflections; Vol I
Zhukov Reminiscences and Reflections; Vol II
Zhukova Mother Superior Barbara
Zhuralev Second Trans-Siberian
Zimanas Illusions and Reality
Zimenko Humanism of Art
Zis Foundations of Marxist Aesthetics
Zlatopolsky State System of the USSR
Zlobin Baikal Meridian
Zlotin Wrangel Island
Zorin How it Looks from Moscow
Zubritsky et al. Short History of Pre-capitalist Society
Zvis Anatomy of Lies

1979 Periodicals of the USSR

23rd Congress of the CPSU

24th Congress of the CPSU

25th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Supplememt: Socialism Theory and Practice

50th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

ABC of Dialectical and Historical Materialism

Anti-Soviet “Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites” (Traitors on Trial)

Anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre

Ban Chemical Weapons


Comprehensive Programme for the Further Extention and Improvement of Co-operation and the Development of Socialist Economic Integration by the CMEA Member-Counties

Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (large format)

Constitution /Fundamental Law/ of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

CPSU; Stages of History

Development of Revolutionary Theory by the CPSU

Do you know this man?

Documents and Materials relating to the Eve of the Second World War, Volume 1

Documents and Materials Relating to the Eve of the Second World War, Volume 2

Documents of the Soviet-British Summit Talks

Documents of the USSR-USA Summit Talks

Documents of the USSR-USA Summit Talks

Facts about the USSR

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

For the Forthcoming XXVIIth CPSU Congress

Fortieth Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

From Utopia to a Science

Fundamentals of Marxist Leninist Philosophy

Fundamentals of Political Knowledge

Fundamentals of Scientific Management of Socialist Economy

Fundamentals of Soviet Civil Legislation and Civil Procedure

Georgi Dimitrov

Glimpses of the Revolution

Greater Yalta

History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union /Bolsheviks/

History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union; Bolshevik (Short Course)

In Addition to Wages; USSR 1958 1965 1970

Intellectuals in Socialist Society

International Forces of Peace, Democracy and Socialism Increase and Grow Stronger

International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

Karl Marx and Our Time



Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Labour Protection at Soviet Industrial Enterprises

Lay of the Warfare Waged by Igor

Lenin and the Establishment of Soviet Power in Uzbekistan

Lenin in Soviet Poetry

Lenin Memorial Museum at Gorki

Lenin’s Ideas Transform the World 2

Lenin’s Party Doctrine and the Present Day

Leninabad is 2500

Leningrad; Petrodvorets; Pavlovsk; Town of Lomonsov; Town of Pushkin

Leninism versus Imperialism. The Present Stage

Leninism, an Effective Ideological Weapon

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev

Living Standard in the Soviet Union

Lvov: Architecture, Monuments

Main Types of Material Security

Man and Sea Warfare

Man’s Dreams Are Coming True

Marxism-Leninism on Proletarian Internationalism

Marxism-Leninism on War and Army

Materials on the Trial of Former Servicemen of the Japanese Army charged with Manufacturing and Employing Bacteriological Weapons

Meeting of European Communist and Workers’ Parties For Peace and Disarmament

Military Superiority- a Dangerous Obsession


Moscow [Aeroflot]

Moscow Canal

Moscow Conference foe European Security

Moscow; A Short Guide

Moscow: A Short Guide

Multilateral Economic Co-operation of Socialist States

Museums of Kiev

Music and Musicians in the USSR

Muslims in the USSR

New Threat to Europe: Who is to Blame


Olympic Smiles

On Events in Czechoslovakia

On Preparations for the 50th Anniversary of the Formation of the USSR

On the 80th Anniversary of the Second Congress of the RSDLP

On the Present Policy of the US Government

Once More About the Historical Experience of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Outline History of the USSR

Periodicals of the USSR 1979

Perodicals of the USSR 1977

Philosophy in the USSR, Problems of Historical Materialism

Places Linked with Lenin in and around Moscow

Policy of the Soviet Union in the Arab World

Political Declaration of the Warsaw Treaty Member States

Problems of the Communist Movement

Problems of War and Peace

Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Property (Public and Private) in the USSR

Property (Public and Private) in the USSR

Race against Reason

Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble of the USSR

Reference Index to V.I. Lenin Collected Works Name Index

Reference Index to V.I. Lenin Collected Works Subject Index

Resolutions of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Revolutionary Theory is a Guide to Action

Road to Communism; Documents of the 22nd Congress of the CPSU; Oct 17-31 1961

Road to the Red Planet

Russian Revolution; What Actually Happened?

Scientific Session on the Physiological Teachings of Academician I.P. Pavlov

Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Social Security; USSR 1958 1965 1970

Socialist Internationalism: Theory and Practice of International Relations of a New Type

Society and the Environment: a Soviet View

Soviet – US Relations 1933 – 1942

Soviet Books

Soviet Economy: A Look into the Future

Soviet Financial Systems

Soviet Literature and Art; Almanac 89

Soviet Poets

Soviet Space Research

Soviet Trade Unions Today

Soviet Trade Unions Today

Soviet Union and the Korean Question

Soviet Union: Facts Problems Appraisals Number 4

Star Wars; Delusions and Dangers

Statement of the Government of the USSR

Suez and the Middle East

Theses on the 300th Anniversary of the Reunion of the Ukraine with Russia

Towards Abundance

Truth about Afghanistan

Unforgettable Lessons of History

Union of Soviet Socilaist Rebublics [map]

USSR Education

USSR Exhibition

USSR Industry

USSR Peace Program in Action

USSR Science

USSR Today and Tomorrow

USSR Welfare

USSR Yearbook ’88

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow — Industry

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Agriculture

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Cultural Life

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Education

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Science

USSR Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow – Science over the 60 years

USSR; 100 Questions and Answers

Vienna Talks: Clear the Way to Agreement!

Warsaw Treaty Organization: Alliance for Peace

Way Things Are

What Exactly is the Soviet Way of Life

What is Communism, Questions and Answers

World Socialist System and Anti Communism


Youth Calendar

3 thoughts on “Most Recent List of Soviet Non-fiction Titles

  1. I found a 1930s Intourist booklet (printed by Rogers-Kelogg-Stillson Co. NY) covering travel for Americans in the USSR, “Seeing the USSR”. Several nice photos of cityscapes and fields and how to tour with a package deal through Intourist. The Art Deco-style was designed by Nikolai N. Zhukov. I obtained that tid-bit of information on website:

    Total pages are 16 and seller (an antique mall) has $25.00 on the booklet. If you recall from our past emails, I collect Soviet posters I don’t collect these books. Would you want me to buy it for you? Let me know your interest.

  2. картинная галерея. картины известных художников. в галереи представлено огромное количество картин от популярных художников РФ. с нашей помощью Вы сможете купить картину в СПб по низким расценкам.

  3. Do you have “Responsibility for the Future of Our Planet,” publ by Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, Moscow, 1983… or would you be interested in it?

    It’s a small blue pamphlet-type book. I have pics of it and am getting ready to list it on Jill T.

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